Salley, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Route 394 Town entrance

Salley, South CarolinaNov 06, 20130 Comments

Officer sits out of his jurisdiction in the county. Is hidden by natural distance. This officer doesn’t know too much and is just out to give tickets. This cop will stop you if you are doing less than 5 mi over the limit . The politics in this little hamlet are so corrupt. The mayor orders all officers to give tickets for anything. I couldn’t believe the kangaroo court. I brought in all kinds of evidence of the cop’s ignorance of RADAR and Cozine Effect, as well as lack of training. You ALWAYS need to ask for a jury trial and ask for at least two continuances. The mayor will then order that the ticket is dropped.

Route 39 both entrances into town

Salley, South CarolinaNov 06, 20130 Comments

Cop sits outside his jurisdiction in Aiken County. He has no knowledge of proper radar alignment and calibration. If you get a ticket never go for the town ordinance. If you are from out of state. Some states will suspend or revoke your license for this. Some consider “Reckless Driving”. ALWAYS ask for a jury trial and don’t take the town ordinance charge. ALWAYS ask for a jury trial. Get at least two continuances and the town will drop charges.

As you exit Salley on Highway 394 just before the 55mph sign

Salley, South CarolinaJan 29, 20131 Comments

Pulled by Bubba, not sure what his face looked like all I could see from my driver’s window was the BIG potbelly. Told me I was doing 51 in a 30 mph zone. Said he wouldn’t site me the 4 points instead sited me for "thoughtless operation" and for only $237.50 I didn’t even have to appear in court. I told him I thought that was awfully high. He said if I would come see him before court he would knock it down to $185.00. Scary!!!! I don’t recommend that women alone drive through Salley. I honestly think I was doing about 40mph as I approached the 55 mph sign leaving town.

US Highway 39 near State Highway 39

Salley, South CarolinaAug 08, 20081 Comments

Police have unmarked cars and sit in parking spaces and stop cars and trucks for doing two to three miles over posted speed limit.Speedometers aren’t calibrated like radar units,therefore speeds differ from radar units

Railroad Avenue near State Highway 394

Salley, South CarolinaJun 25, 20050 Comments

The whole town from 394 to 39 rural to urban area

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