1500 Airport Rd. JAX International Airport

Jacksonville, FloridaMar 06, 20232 Comments

Targets OUT of state drivers just leaving the airport car rental agencies. Jacksonville Sheriffs Office Use Laser Radar. Officers in multiple vehicles targeting area and pulling people over. No warning. Just Ticket. Many Law Enforcement Vehicles doing the same thing. Extortion.

I am a local and I have witnessed that, the rental agents should tell the drivers about that, it is a terrible welcome to the city, there is no residents or children running around, why do that coppers, get out on 95 and catch the guy doing 110, there is just a short piece of road then you hit a red light then 95, those cops are desperate, what a memory for a visitor to jax, cops are stupid and dont see the big picture
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giving a driver a speeding ticket is a form of thugery and a display of power, it is a terrible welcome to our city, most cops if you notice have that been bullied look, being able to pull someone over and give them a piece of paper that says you owe 200 dollars for driving on our streets is communism and should not be allowed, it is to much power for 1 person, sure you can fight it but it ends up costing you hundreds of dollars because the system is structured as such, you can not win as 1 citizen, you need a lawyer, the system is to complicated to navigate and you will lose, plus loss time at your job, see what i mean, and when you hire lawyer they are just exchanging monies in judges chambers more or less, so i just fax ticket to my lawyer and ride in the left lane in front of cop on interstate, they hate that, they expect you to move over but not this driver go around copper
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