Jacksonville, Florida Speed Traps

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Southside Blvd. north and southbound just over Beach Blvd.

Jacksonville, FloridaAug 30, 20210 Comments

Any day when the weather is good you can usually see a motorcycle cop on the side of SS Blvd. Northbound at Lehey Rd. with other cop shooting Laser on a tripod at cars coming over Beach Blvd overpass. Sometimes they set up on the South bound lanes just over the Beach Blvd. overpass. 45 mph speed limit.

Duskin Drive and Ivey Road

Jacksonville, FloridaAug 09, 20210 Comments

They have already installed speed bumps in Duskin Drive and Gemini Road.
This is where I have gotten all of my 2 citations. One in 1999 before the speed bumps were added and one this year. Both incidents occurred in the morning between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM.
The first time I was traveling only a few miles over the speed limit. The last time I was cited for running through the stop sign at Duskin Dr and Ivey Rd. Both times the officers said that they have been getting a great deal of complaints in the area because the roads were getting a great deal of through traffic from Atlantic Boulevard and Southside Boulevard. For the stop sign infraction, I vividly remember that I stopped and seeing no other vehicles at the intersection, I proceeded to turn left onto Ivey Road. The officer claimed that I only slowed down and then went through the intersection. I don’t know exactly where the officer had his vehicle hidden but I do remember him racing through the intersection himself. I wasn’t aware that he was after me at first.
It seems to me like my only mistake was to take that route to Southside Boulevard. It appears that the Sherriff’s Office has been responding to complaints from people living along side these roads by periodically setting up speed and stop sign traps. Since this is where I have received all of my citations, I have to decided to avoid this route at all costs especially in the mornings between the times I referenced.

295 Northbound north of New Kings Rd

Jacksonville, FloridaJun 22, 20201 Comments

The same pack of JSO motorcycle cops anywhere from 2 to 5 of them park on the right shoulder and sit there and laser oncoming, these are the same ones that patrol New Kings Rd. they bring in tens of thousands of dollars for the city taking advantage of the citizens, these same motor cops have certain spots they go to each day at certain times, they all have that same look, i think they all call each other in the morning to see what kind of gel they are using in their mustache and hair. what is the purpose of a motorcycle cop, they can’t catch a person fleeing, they could not catch me on my bike except for their radio could but my bike goes over 200 and i can ride like a madman and do, i can outride a motorcycle cop so easy, i have been riding since i was 13, my bike is very special and customized made for stability at high speeds.

New Kings Rd. Southbound 1/8 mile from 295 overpass

Jacksonville, FloridaJun 01, 20202 Comments

JSO Motorcycle cop 1 bike and sometimes 3 bikes, I live right close to where they park, they park on side of road in front of sunny pines rv park, they are parked under some tree branches, they have laser, they don’t even put down their kickstand, they can give 7 to 10 tickets an hour times 3 of them, so when you exit off 295 or coming from the north or trout river blvd area be careful, the same group also parks down further near moncrief, they have been there in the afternoon at 5 till 8 at night or in the morning at 8, they are there once a week. they are bringing in thousands of dollars

9B merge onto 295N

Jacksonville, FloridaMay 06, 20200 Comments

Three lanes merge on the left-hand side into two lanes. Troopers sit on the left side of the road just after the merge lane ends. If you are merging, and focused on the traffic on your right, you will not see them until it’s too late. This is south of the Phillips HWY on-ramp.

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