16 mile and Dodge Park

Sterling Heights, MichiganApr 30, 20113 Comments

There is an officer who is watching to make sure that you come to a complete stop at the turn-around just east of Dodge Park. I stepped on my brakes for 2 seconds and the officer still gave me a ticket for disobeying a red light. Make sure you stop for more than 2 seconds. I guess the Sterling Heights cops don’t have enough to do except harass those who pay their salaries.

This is no way a speed trap. Law states you have to stop for a full 6 seconds before proceeding. Maybe everyone needs to go back and take divers education. Also to be nit picky, if you are at a red light and your front tires go past the thick white line before a cross walk you have technically ran a red light. Just and FYI.
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This is not a speed trap. People already in the turnaround have the right of way..not the ones entering it. I drive through there several times a week and every time I see someone blowing through the yield signs, not caring if someone is already in the turnaround or not. If that's what you did, then you deserved the ticket, and are lucky you didn't cause an accident.
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The OP stated that they "stepped on [their] brakes for 2 seconds", but in no way stated that they stopped for 2 seconds. Whether you think it should be or not, a rolling stop at a red signal is ALWAYS illegal in Michigan. // Responding to comment #1: There is no law that states that you have to be stopped for 6 seconds. Such a law would make no sense from an engineering or legal standpoint. As for the limit line, since you're being nit-picky, you are supposed to stop with your front bumper over the line, as long as the line is in accordance with the MMUTCD visibility guidelines. At that intersection, the limit lines have been placed and pulled twice and there is no crosswalk, so the stop is technically the curb line. From MCL 257.612-1c-ii (valid to the OP): "Vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal, after stopping...before entering the intersection, may...make a left turn from a 1-way...into a 1-way roadway carrying traffic in the direction of the left turn, unless prohibited by sign, signal, marking, light, or other traffic control device. The vehicular traffic shall yield the right of way to ...other traffic lawfully using the intersection.
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