Sterling Heights, Michigan Speed Traps

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15 Mile Road and Van Dyke

Sterling Heights, MichiganAug 12, 20150 Comments

This is a traffic violation trap. A temporary no right turn sign is currently installed 15 feet before the stop bar for north bound Van Dyke at 15 Mile Road. This is clearly non compliant with MMUTCD guidelines. This type of sign should be at least next to the stop bar or beyond the stop bar but inside the barricaded or closure area so it should be visible with the motorists not try to hide it. The purpose of this sign basically is for the safety of construction workers if they are really working in that area. But Sterling Heights Police Department capitalizes on this flaw created by the contractor. Even during construction, it is safe for large SUVs to turn right at this intersection since there is no special signs/ detour set up prior to the construction area. Now Sterling Heights PD added some more no turn signs along 15 Mile Road corridor, so be careful out there. This is one of Sterling Heights fund raising event.

North Bound Mound Rd at 15mile.

Sterling Heights, MichiganMay 20, 20140 Comments

Enforcing Seat Belt Laws before the Holiday.

South side of VanDyke freeway/18 mile

Sterling Heights, MichiganJan 08, 20130 Comments

I was just coming off of Van Dyke freeway, seeing the two traffic lights were both green, unknowing how long it would be before they turned yellow I wanted to speed up a few notches to be sure I didn’t go through a yellow light. Everyone else I could see was going a tad faster than I…but I was the one who got pulled over. Yes, I was pulled over and ticketed for five over (I’m guilty of going over a tad) but I KNOW everyone else was going MUCH faster than I !! He scanned me around the Fudruckers restaurant area. So take it slow NEVER go with the flow of traffic it’s not worth it let everyone go around you…they still charge 120.00 for 0-5 over and the same for 5-10 ?? Go figure THAT one? Misprint… ?? And two points on your license to which they don’t care how long your record has been clean…!! bahumbug!!

Stadler Street between Hayes and Saal Road

Sterling Heights, MichiganJul 08, 20110 Comments

Half way down this half mile stretch. The cop hides behind some bushes on the north side just east of the park. This road is definitely designed for 30 to 35 mile and hour. But with a speed limit of 25 mph it’s a real money maker. I see people getting tickets all the time. Still didn’t learn though. I got one a few weeks ago and there was no one on the road. The cop pulled me over for speeding but instead of giving me a ticket for speeding and 2 points, he said he was going to give me a break and give me a ticket for impeding traffic. Like I said no one was on the road but what a nice guy helping me to avoid 2 points. Guess what Speeding = $120. Impeding traffic = $150. Damn donut muncher could have given me a break by writing a ticket for no seat belt which would have been $65. Cop wasn’t being nice, he was just making revenue for the city.

16 mile and Dodge Park

Sterling Heights, MichiganApr 30, 20113 Comments

There is an officer who is watching to make sure that you come to a complete stop at the turn-around just east of Dodge Park. I stepped on my brakes for 2 seconds and the officer still gave me a ticket for disobeying a red light. Make sure you stop for more than 2 seconds. I guess the Sterling Heights cops don’t have enough to do except harass those who pay their salaries.

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