9B merge onto 295N

Jacksonville, FloridaMay 06, 20202 Comments

Three lanes merge on the left-hand side into two lanes. Troopers sit on the left side of the road just after the merge lane ends. If you are merging, and focused on the traffic on your right, you will not see them until it’s too late. This is south of the Phillips HWY on-ramp.

I have seen this a few times even in 2022, they are not sitting there to chill out and drink iced tea they are giving out tickets and it is taking advantage of people, sometimes you have to speed up to merge or you get run over, it is to dangerous there to have those troopers parked there everyone freaks out when they see them and slams brakes on which is even more dangerous, come on cops go elsewhere to give out tickets where it is not already such dangerous driving area.
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True the troopers are not just parked there hanging out, reguardless of what we believe those troopers are ticket writing machines and if they are not actively giving them out there they are feeling the place out to see if it is worth their time to park there and give out some fines, it is not a secret that it beefs up their budget and yes they have orders to give out tickets, it is not about being safe even though that is the slogan, it is bull, lets make money, those troopers could care less if you end up in a pine box period
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