Albers/Geer Road

Waterford, CaliforniaJun 04, 20101 Comments

This speed trap is lengthy. There are patrol cars hidden in orchard driveways, side of road where there are dips. These cars will get you even if they are driving ahead of you! They have radar on the back of the car. I drive this way daily to work and see someone pulled over daily. This road begins as Albers Rd, and turns into Geer Road as you travel the same direction. Doesn’t matter, they are
waiting. Cross Roads are Milines, Dusty Road, and Yosemite.

This is an example of how We should prevent speed traps by mandating how, when and where tickets are written. What must be done to ensure Mph and enforcement posting and officers are in plain sight in both directions. Hidden cameras or Officer forbidden. Just to make it honest. We all know in Ca. that Billions are gained in revenue and that Traffic officers are rated on producing Tickets, not WARNINGS OR High vISIBILITY PREVENTIVE MEASURES. that needs to change. Every time a police car is seen ahead all traffic slows which is more effective for safety of all, than tickets!But no money! Take the money out and true enforcement will reign.
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