Alderman Rd.

Palm Harbor, FloridaMar 23, 20103 Comments

State police hide on ridge rd or under the hill on alderman rd.

I sometimes think Alderman Road between US 19 and Alt. 19 was DESIGNED in order for law enforcement to make ticket quotas. It's a straight four lane, divided thoroughfare (highway?) with a 35 MPH speed limit, and plenty of places for State Troopers and Sheriff's deputies to hide on side roads and parked on the median below the crests of several hills on that stretch. I travel there daily and average 45-50 MPH. I'm rarely the fasted car traveling there. 'Haven't been stopped yet, but feel it's only a matter of time.
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This is definately a speed trap. I have only gotten 1 ticket in almost 50 years of driving and it was on Alderman Rd. I was on my way to work and immediately after another car passed me like I was standing still. I think he got the wrong car, but I wasn't about to argue too much.
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That fact that anyone votes this NOT to be a speed trap is amazing. Fortunately I don't use this road much..but if you do you'll notice right away people going slower than what you THINK the road should be. It's 4 lane divided highway yet's it's 35 mph (only 10 mph faster than speed limit for bikes!) My 80 year old father was give a ticket there this week. Going 47 in a 35 zone..he never speeds. There is little foot school or playground. There is only one reason for the low speed limit and that's for revenue. If I was a resident of the area I would take this up with elected officials
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