All 4 country miles

Golden Meadow, LouisianaJul 09, 20180 Comments

WELL, back in April I was passing through on a Sunday relaxed thinking about my fishing trip I was about to enjoy. I was following another car through this small no-horse town and out of nowhere I have a cop on my number so fast I could not see the hood of his cute little SUV. He must have been hiding behind the speed limit sign and nailed me for 59 mph in a 50. In the other 49 states this would probably be a warning and good luck but this officer, I hope you never meet him because he has no personality and probably the rudest inconsiderate officer I’ve ever met. He had the audacity to also scratch a ticket for following too close, yet didn’t stop the “Louisiana” state driver I was following…..this was interesting as I was ticketed for “Speeding” ……No way to talk to the judge, no way to work out the tickets for reduction unless you pay additional fee to go to court. If you win the case you get your “fee” back but if you are unlucky as I was and probably you will get a second ticket (one that’s tougher to beat) with this being said, if you don’t win both (all charges) you still pay the fee. This is how they get you! The officer never told me what I did, never gave “clear” instructions on what to do, just said read the back lol. Word on the street the local attorneys are all related or in the click with the judges and officials and recommend not wasting time on representation. I got a kick reading some of the other stories from this decayed town and figured my $300 ticket wasn’t so bad after all. It’s obvious this no horse town can do what they want within there boundaries and if you have an out of state tag expect to get stopped for something. Could be 1-3 mph over/under the speed limit or it Could be bird droppings on your windshield obstructing your view but be prepared to get a ticket you can’t fight for some reason or more! They do have a payment plan so I made them wait 3 months before getting all my money…..rather them spread the rations out over the 3 months than hitting the Buffet right away! This is my story and it’s the TRUTH!

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