Golden Meadow, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Highway 3235

Golden Meadow, LouisianaFeb 06, 20230 Comments

In Beautiful Lafourche Parrish, rests a toxic dump of a town, with nothing to offer the outside world. The name of this Gem, is Golden Meadow. It should be called Golden Ticket. All 17 of the residents have badges, and park their police cars outside their 40 year old single wide mobile homes just waiting for you to drive 51 in a 50. Once you pass Sonic, Walmart and McDonalds, lock up the brakes until your vehicle is traveling at 50mph exactly! I paid $525.00 for 57 mph in a 50. Less than 100 feet in front of me was the 65 mph sign. When that 5’6” , 300 Lb officer flashes them lights, you can bet you just paid for his wife’s home perm, and the family’s next trip to the Buffet. They generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. What?? You weren’t speeding? I’m sure that can get something from you for improper tire pressure or something. There is one thing great about Golden Meadow…. At EXACTLY 50 mph, you only have to look at this dumpster for approximately 3 minutes. And no…. That is not a plumber getting out of that car with flashing lights. It is not Luigi from Nintendo. It really is a police officer, and yes, you are about to get robbed.

Hwy 3235 near Post Office

Golden Meadow, LouisianaOct 19, 20220 Comments

Like many of the other stories I’ve read here, I was traveling to Grand Isle and had to pass through Golden Meadow. It is true that this four lane, divided highway is 65 mph, then drops to 55 mph, and for a short time (maybe 1.5 miles) drops to 50 mph. It is easy to overlook since this town is so small. I was stopped going 57 in a 50 and ticketed for it. Fine…you got me going over the limit. Bravo. What is the real injustice is the added fine for being in the left lane while not passing anyone. I understand there are reasons for laws. Safety and order. That law is in place to ensure the steady flow of traffic for faster moving vehicles. When I was caught in the left lane there was literally no one near me or even approaching me, except this officer on the opposite side of the road. Writing this ticket was not keeping anyone safe, it was not to guarantee traffic could move freely. This was nothing more than a money-making ticket and this officer, department, and municipality that supports these actions should be ashamed of themselves. I was an officer for 9 years and I would’ve been embarrassed to write such a ticket. This isn’t policing. Work in an area where you actually have to police and you’ll see this type of petty, greedy scheme is not worth your time. I work hard for my paycheck and you just stole 1/3 of it. I take every opportunity I get to defend the police in this country. I know from personal experience how difficult a job it is. This type of behavior is a sad reminder of why people have such a low opinion of the police. You make the many honorable officers look bad. Shame on you.

Hwy 3235 and Wilfred Duet Street

Golden Meadow, LouisianaMar 26, 20210 Comments

March 20, 2021. 4 lane divided road, officer was in the median waiting, midday, light to no traffic, ticketed for “going 60 mph in a 50 mph zone” that had just previously been 65mph. The speed limit goes down at the end of a busier section where you would expect it rather to increase. Thankfully we did have our registration and we were in the right lane or we would have been fined for that as well. $185 “donation” to the Golden Meadows PD.

Entry into the City at 3235

Golden Meadow, LouisianaMar 05, 20190 Comments

Okay, so obviously a small town with no money, so the police department is employed for extortion from out of towners.
I reduced speed to 55 in a 65 to 50 speed reduction, and about 20 yards ahead of the 50 sign, this extortionist flicked on the lights and pulled me over. He told me I was speeding and “swerving” (I dont know what that means) and wrote me a ticket (with 61 mph for good measure). I am a careful man, in my 40 years, I never got a ticket. And this job in this place cost me 350+17.5 service fee (“service” fee!).
They were able to successfully extort money from me and I don’t know what they did with it, probably threw into their dark basement full of dirty money.

Whenever you enter this place, always put to 49 and drive. After a while, it goes down to 45 from 50, then drive at 42.

Where the speed limit drops from 65 to 50.

Golden Meadow, LouisianaOct 03, 20181 Comments

When you see the speed limit sign that indicates 50, after going 65, the normal driver releases the gas pedal and coasts down to the new speed. However, in Golden Meadow, if you are driving a car with out of state plates, like I was in a rental with Florida plates, you are immediately pulled over. I was given a ticket for 57 in a 50. After the ticket, the cop followed me for another 25 miles, and incredibly, we were both passed by a pickup truck going about 10 mph faster, but with Louisiana plates, and the cop did NOT pull him over, but just stayed behind me.

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