Along Highway 300 extending through the city limits.

Warwick, GeorgiaApr 12, 20020 Comments

The town is very poor with little source of revenue. Besides stopping cars that are actually speeding, at least one police officer stops people who may be slightly over the speed limit (50 mph in the 45 mph zone) and accuse them of driving at outrageously high speeds, e.g., he stopped a car going 50 and told the driver that he clocked him at 81 mph. When the driver demanded to be shown this on the radar, the officer could not do it. Instead, he beat two pieces of metal together, which, obviously, affected the radar system, and he finally got it to read 75, after it first read 35 and 55. So, after accusing the driver of going 81, he gave him a ticket for driving 75. Ovbiously, he did not want to get a lesser reading by beating on his pieces of metal. On another occasion, he stopped a couple driving 45 mpg and accused them of driving 60. They had their cruise control set on 45 mph because they heard this was a speed trap. If this has happened twice to people who live in different towns 140 miles apart, it must go on all the time.

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