Warwick, Georgia Speed Traps

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Eastbound on hwy 300 coming out of Albany toward Cordele ga

Warwick, GeorgiaNov 01, 20170 Comments

Local police sit in median of hwy 300 waiting to ticket travelers as they come through 2 very close together speed limit change signs that drop the limit to 50 from 65. Read other posts. I got busted for 75 in a 50. Which I well know is wrong.

Warwick, Georgia. Hwy 300 coming into the city.

Warwick, GeorgiaJan 10, 20170 Comments

Going North on Hwy 300 away from Albany Georgia I did not see the 55 mph and 50 mph coming into Warwick. I was following a car into the city, officer pulled me over. He said I was doing 65 in a 50 mph zone. If the car in front of me was doing the speed limit and if I was doing 65 I would have ran into the back of him. My word against his. In my opinion he pulled me over because I had out of state tags. The ticket was issued on a Friday and after reading the posts, I decided to pay the ticket because I did not want to endure the court room circus that others have posted and no one has the right to belittle someone else. Went to Warwick one more time the following Tuesday to pay the ticket. Very small town, don’t blink you will miss it. Gave my cashiers check to the clerk (City Hall, two room building) and she proceeded to annotate my payment and gave me a handwritten receipt from a receipt book that was purchased at an office supply store. (Not computerized receipt system) With my over thinking about the receipt book, I am going to check to see if the points are reported to DMV in a few weeks. Who is to say that the cashiers check made out to them is just a donation and the ticket disappears which would be great for me but it could be lining someones pocket. Makes me wonder if they can only take in 40 percent in ticket revenues in a years time and over a period of 4 to 5 years they took in a astronomical amount of money, it makes me wonder if they have two different set of books. If you have to go to Albany, GA I suggest going down 75 South to Exit 82 (State road 112 to 32 to 91) this way you miss Warwick all together. Because I was told by some utility workers that Warwick gives tickets for even going a few mph over the speed limit. Hope this helps others when making travel plans.

Warwick Ga

Warwick, GeorgiaAug 27, 20153 Comments

Someone does need to investigate the City of Warwick and it’s wrong doings!! They are a small town and everybody knows everybody. They are all out to help the small town get its funds no matter how they have to do it! Citations or speed traps or whatever.

Warwick, GA

Warwick, GeorgiaJul 16, 20159 Comments

I was traveling on 300 towards I-75 and came through Warwick, GA. I saw the sign where the speed limit went down to 55 and slowed down to about 58-59 and was being passed by another car so I may have missed the other sign. As I crested over the hill right after a car passed me, there were at least 3 squad cars on the road, 2 of them had people pulled over and I didn’t think much of it because I thought I was only going 3 or 4 over and I had just been passed by another car. I was riding in the “passing lane” and the car passed ME on the right. The officer, Stopped my car and wrote me a speeding ticket for going 63 in a 45 after I told him I honestly missed the sign and I didn’t think I was going that fast.

On the way to my day of court where I had every intention of fighting this ticket because I didn’t feel I was no more than 5% guilty of speeding, I checked the signs coming into town. There is a 55 speed limit ahead sign, 55 MPH sign, 45 speed limit ahead sign and a 45 MPH sign all within MAYBE 200 yards of each other and then goes into a hill that goes into the town area.

Here is what I witness on my day of court. THE ONE RING CIRCUS THAT PERSUED..

On July 14, 2015, I had the “honor” of sitting in your municipal court room to try to defend my speeding ticket.
I arrived there 30 minutes prior to the time shown to be there on my ticket. I sat in that room and watched UNPROFESSIONALISM in this court; from the magistrate smoking on an E-Cig while court was in session, the judge being 15 minutes late, police walking around with their mirrored sunglasses on their head. I have never been in a court room with less control than that. I sat there and tried to listen as people were talking to the judge and others were carrying on and for the most part ignored the very few times an officer may have asked people to quiet down.
I sat there and listened to “Judge” ______ give a dismissal to a young lady who was going 30 MPH over the speed limit after he made fun of her writing and quizzed her on driving and she missed a bunch of questions.
I sat there and listened to “Judge” Gregory give a dismissal to a young man who was going 27 MPH over the speed limit because he took a class and he brought his parents with him.
I sat there and listened to “Judge” ______ give a fine to a woman and then as community service told her to come back every 2nd Tuesday of the month for the next 6 months to give people the “Stink Eye” when people ask dumb questions as part of her community service.
I sat there and listened to “Judge” ______ give his little sermon about what the bible says when a young man told him he donated his fine to his church because the spirits told him to. I KNOW he is not allowed to mention his religion or what he believes when it comes to his judgments.
I sat there and listened to him speak to the crowd on so many other cases when it was really nobody else’s business.
AS I come up there with a LEGITIMATE, honest description of what happened that day and that I honestly didn’t see a speed limit sign and that I believe I was mis-targeted by the officer because another vehicle was PASSING ME when I was stopped, “Judge” _____ made sure that I paid my $220.00. The first time I came up he told me, if I knew the person who sang some song about Bangkok he would dismiss it, and of course I didn’t. I entered not guilty and he had me sit down to get back to me. UNPROFESSIONAL.
Your prosecutor wanted to try to scare me with his officer’s record on the force into the plea deal. NO DEAL. I didn’t bring my military record to court with me to put up against your officer. I just think “Judge” ______ wanted to make his good ol’ boy officer look bad in front of his Junior Officers.

Warwick, GA

Warwick, GeorgiaJul 09, 20150 Comments

We always have to go through Warwick, GA to visit my parents in nearby Albany. We now live in KY so I had warned my daughter to go the exact speed limit going through Warwick to visit her grandparents. Couldn’t believe it…they stopped her anyway. Speeding? nope They said that her windows were too tinted and they gave her a $250.00 ticket! They said that GA has some law about tinting. She had KY tags and said that she was just passing through. She has had this car for 7 years and never been stopped before for this. The tint was done by Toyota and came from the factory. We live 13 hours away, so it was hard to fight. We had to pay it. I’m ashamed of Warwick and wonder why someone hasn’t addressed this money making scheme.

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