As you come off the toll bridge across Lewisville Lake

Lake Dallas, TexasApr 17, 20102 Comments

The local officer sits on the right hand side of the road waiting for drivers as they cross the toll bridge. The speed is not posted very well on the bridge but it is 45. It seems like open road where 55 is a prudent speed but it is not. They are waiting to welcome you with your ticket for doing 10 over.

Yes, this is exactly right; I did EXACTLY this, came off the highway going 55 on the frontage road and got pulled over by an officer on the frontage road just south of Swisher. I was actually surprised he pulled me over; I had no idea it was 45. Hard to slow down that quick from 70 to 45.
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As I began the downward slope of the toll bridge I saw the speed limit sign ahead of me. I looked at my speed and noticed I was just a few miles over the 45 - so I slowed and watched my speed as I exited the bridge. That is when I saw a police car on the right where there was a piece of construction equipment. Again, I looked at my speed and I was doing 45 so had no worry. However, as I got a ways off the bridge - here he came with lights on. I pulled over right away and was ticketed for 57 mph. He said he used laser but I am convinced I was not doing any thing near that - even while on the bridge. What can you do - my word against him. I will not use the toll bridge again or shop in Lake Dallas. Be extra careful and that may not even work.
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