Lake Dallas, Texas Speed Traps

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200 west swisher rd lake dallas denton tx

Lake Dallas, TexasFeb 10, 20160 Comments

turning from service road route 35 north 45 mph turning east onto w swisher rd ..50 feet from turn sign 35mph following 100 yards further 45 mph morning time period (8AM) sun directly behind sign making impossible to observe

Lake Dallas Drive

Lake Dallas, TexasOct 26, 20150 Comments

Between 5am to 7am, the local police like to stake out southbound Lake Dallas Drive before you get to Interstate 35. The speed limit is 30MPH. However, the street that runs parallel to it (Shadey Shores) is 35MPH. In addition, if you come from Shady Shores/Main Street area and turn on to Lake Dallas Drive – there are no speed limit signs to notify you the difference in speed. The only sign southbound on Lake Dallas Drive stating the speed limit is 30MPH is more than 1/2 north of this intersection – in an area that is rarely used (by my own counting of cars, 5% of the traffic at this intersection comes from the north at this hour). Even worse the bridge that feeds the north portion of this street, where the only speed limit sign resides, is partially shut down for construction – for months. So the location of the 30MPH sign is seen by less than 5% of drivers using the roadway at this hour.

The police know this is a poorly signed area and for at least the past eight weeks have been sitting in an unlit private gravel driveway to tag anyone doing 35MPH or over. They have been doing this approximately 2 days a week – every week. I think the owners of the houses might have finally said something because today he was in the strip center parking lot on the west side immediately south of the gravel driveways. He is right against the chain link fence separating the stores from the private property (as close to the dark area as he can get). He lost his spot in the dark, but he did not lose his speed trap.

Swisher Rd between I-35 & Shady Shores

Lake Dallas, TexasJun 09, 20100 Comments

This is on Swisher Rd between I-35 & Shady Shores. An officer will almost be there on a daily basis. He pretty much hangs out on the south side by Video Plus but sometimes you’ll see him right across the street on the North Side — Be Careful!

As you come off the toll bridge across Lewisville Lake

Lake Dallas, TexasApr 17, 20102 Comments

The local officer sits on the right hand side of the road waiting for drivers as they cross the toll bridge. The speed is not posted very well on the bridge but it is 45. It seems like open road where 55 is a prudent speed but it is not. They are waiting to welcome you with your ticket for doing 10 over.

Swisher Road

Lake Dallas, TexasJun 26, 20091 Comments

Police with set up behind the barricade that closes the road leading to the new lake bridge that is being built. They hide behind the barricade and an officer will shoot radar around the side of the barricade at cars that are east bound on Swisher road in

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