As you crest the hill – Eastbound – into Hiltonia

Hiltonia, GeorgiaAug 21, 20201 Comments

The signs are there. It goes from 55 to 50 to 40. I just missed the last 2 when I was headed Eastbound on 24. Country Roads can be a little boring and all look alike. Once the scenery changes, usually the speed limit changes. Hiltonia will sneak up on you. The town is very, very small (population – just over 400) and, until you see the buildings, you may not know you are in their small town. Once I saw the buildings and the 40 mph sign, I hit my brakes, but by that time, the officer was already pulling out to pull me over.

There is one thing that you can count on in Hiltonia. There will be one or two police officers located on the side of the road with their speed detection devices in the ON position. They are always there! If you don’t believe me, check it out on Google maps – Streetview. There, you will find one of their older cars. They have since upgraded to newer SUV’s.

Most of the time, they are pointed at Eastbound traffic – but not always. I have driven through many of these small GA cities/towns – Sylvania, Hiltonia, Waynesboro, Statesboro, Sardis, Girard, Millen. Hiltonia is the only city to always have a car on the side of the road.

It was not my intention to speed through their small town. I had my cruise set at 62. When I saw the 40 mph sign, I immediately hit my brakes. When he pulled me over, he shot me at 64. He told me that we could do a radar test, but I did not think that would help my situation. My license and registration was taken and the ticket was written before he had any conversation with me. Not that I blame him much for that. I am sure that they have heard every excuse in the book.

Since this was my first speeding ticket, I was hoping to be let off with a warning. A warning that I would have not taken for granted. I missed some signs. I would have paid more attention on my way home. However, it could have been worse. The $400 ticket I received could have been $550 if he had said I was going 65.

Be careful – if you are going 55 (The speed limit) and you forget to take off your cruise and they shoot you – The cost of that ticket for 15 to 19 over the speed limit is $325.

From now on, I will be re-routing around Hiltonia.

Did you go to the courthouse though? Im not sure if they upgraded it or not but i got a ticket im quiet sure in the same spot as everybody else back in 2017, it was super creepy they had a underground cell right outside of it with bars on it, i dipped out of there so fast & just paid online.
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