County Line Road near State Route 611

Horsham, PennsylvaniaOct 12, 20041 Comments

At Route 611 and County Line Road there is a school, thus as I found out a school zone. When you turn onto County Line road from North Bound 611, at 800am, in the morning, you can see the school Zone light flashing 15 mph. Normal speed limit 40mph. I was doing the same speed as all the other traffic.

OK, But this time of the year the Sun is at the same angle as the school zone 15mph light which is very high up, and one cannot see the sign with all the glare from the Sun while making the turn. The police wait in a driveway and literally "rob" unsuspecting motorists going by. For 39mph I got a $164, thats theFort There wasn’t one student, or parent, etc, in sight so no indication this was anything but a road. I did not know there was a school there period and would never speed in a school zone , I swear. Was on my way to a funeral, but the officer could care less.

In addition, surrounding this area is the US Air Base. The Horsham police seem to enjoy pulling over the military personnel from the base, witnessed this many times.

The school has been closed for at least a year if not more, the church is still active but the school is not. So I don't know how they can get you for a school zone violation. Hope this helps.
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