County Trunk 52 Shelby County near Helena Intermediate School

Helena, AlabamaSep 20, 20041 Comments

Helena Police Officers have little to do in this sleepy, but growing suburb of Birmingham. The stretch of Highway 52 between Highway 13 and Highway 17 is notorious for bringing your driving taxes to the pockets of Helena’s police officers. The speed limit is 40, but any vehicle could safely travel through this stretch at 55 mph in any conditions. I don’t know that they ever stop their nonsense, but the cops seem to be in higher concentration during Friday evenings, all day on Saturdays and Sundays after church (the times when I am usually driving near home to see them.) I live here and have never been caught, but that’s because I see them pulling people over and issuing 44mph tickets. If they are stationary, they usually wait for you at Helena Intermediate School or at the firestation or at the Cahaba River bridge. They seem to be more succesful when they are hiding behind moving traffic while aiming their radar at oncoming traffic that can’t see them behind the car they are following or while they are rounding the numerous corners. They will give you a ticket if you are speeding at all. They love ticketing teenagers and motorcyclists. They have nothing better to do. I have actually seen them top a hill in the wrong lane in ‘hot pursuit’ of a speeder while motorcyclists coming the other direction were ditching themselves to keep from getting hit by the cops head on! I feel the tyranny, but I don’t know what to do about it. When I was home shopping "The safest place to raise children in the U.S.A." per capita was a horn I heard blow several times.

I also live along this stretch on Highway 52 near the school, and I'm going to be politically incorrect here. I happen to be very glad that the Helena PD has a strong presence along this road. Anyone thinking it's "safe" to drive 50-55 along here needs to think again. It is heavily trafficked during much of the day. School buses and parents picking up and dropping off kids at the elementary school are legion. People are regularly pulling out of businesses along here, and a major residential area is going in along this stretch, generally increasing traffic long term. During storms, the road becomes fairly dangerous because of curves and headlight glare in hours of darkness. Then, of course, we have the weekends when a fair number of intoxicated drivers seem to be on this road late at night. I have personally encountered them several times. The Helena PD watches this road because many like the original poster think it's OK to run ten or miles over the speed limit. It's not.
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