Dresher Rd & Rt. 63 (Welsh)

Horsham, PennsylvaniaJul 25, 20030 Comments

I can’t take it anymore. As if sitting in the middle of the road and checking inspection/registration of every car that drives by isn’t enough, the HORSHAM POLICE DEPT. has decided to make a regular habit of pulling over people who work in the business center on their way to & from work,..and more specifically mid-day to & from lunch.

About once a month on seemingly random dates the Horsham police dept dedicates AT LEAST 3 officers to do speed blitzes on Dresher Rd where it intersects 63.

From what I can gather, one officer sits in one of the parking lots of the many business centers up and down Dresher Rd. He/she then radios to one of the 2 or 3 other officers patrolling the strip and immediately pulls people over.

I have LITERALLY seen 3 different cars pulled over, lined up and in a row on this stretch of road.

I have also seen an officer complete pulling someone over, then pull directly out behind the first car that passes, and proceed to pull THAT car over.

Sometimes they wait until you get to Rt. 63 (Welsh Rd) to get you, but either way, exercise EXTREME caution as you approach the intersection points of Welsh and Dresher Rds.

Typically there is 1 police SUV, 1 or 2 marked police cars, and one unmarked grey police car, with PA Plates and hidden lights in the front and back.

I’m very fed up with seeing fellow commuters falling victim to nothing more than a random shake-down in which the Horsham police dept. filter out "criminals".

Dresher Rd is very wide, and you can pass other cars even though there is not a line up the center separating the lanes.

If you do have to pass someone – do so carefully.

Typically the speed blitz lasts 2 or 3 days straight – so be advised.

If you live in this area, I strongly reccomened you call the Horsham police dept and voice your complaint about this frequent issue.

There are rarely if ever accidents on this road, so something tells me "safety" isn’t their top priority.

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