Duskin Drive and Ivey Road

Jacksonville, FloridaAug 09, 20211 Comments

They have already installed speed bumps in Duskin Drive and Gemini Road.
This is where I have gotten all of my 2 citations. One in 1999 before the speed bumps were added and one this year. Both incidents occurred in the morning between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM.
The first time I was traveling only a few miles over the speed limit. The last time I was cited for running through the stop sign at Duskin Dr and Ivey Rd. Both times the officers said that they have been getting a great deal of complaints in the area because the roads were getting a great deal of through traffic from Atlantic Boulevard and Southside Boulevard. For the stop sign infraction, I vividly remember that I stopped and seeing no other vehicles at the intersection, I proceeded to turn left onto Ivey Road. The officer claimed that I only slowed down and then went through the intersection. I don’t know exactly where the officer had his vehicle hidden but I do remember him racing through the intersection himself. I wasn’t aware that he was after me at first.
It seems to me like my only mistake was to take that route to Southside Boulevard. It appears that the Sherriff’s Office has been responding to complaints from people living along side these roads by periodically setting up speed and stop sign traps. Since this is where I have received all of my citations, I have to decided to avoid this route at all costs especially in the mornings between the times I referenced.

A few miles over is not some crime that deserves a civil fine of hundreds of dollars and that story of neighbors calling in that speeding is a problem is a big lie because they cant say it is a speed trap or anything but the lie. it is just harassing citizens and taking their money and the chips squad has been the crew assigned to do it. they are useless and thats all they are used for is giving out tickets, I call them the mustache boys, and I forgot they like escorting the cop bodies, you see in pennsylvania they are stopping minor traffic stops due to the danger involved to the officers, quit molesting the citizens of our great country, you keep pulling over people to harass them and you get shot by them, why is this a mystery and they wonder why the cops keep getting shot well QUIT PULLING THEM OVER, it is a free country and we are free to travel unmolested and when you stop a citizen and give hime a huge fine you are the PROBLEM MUSTACHE MAN
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