Enter town right at the hill

Benton, TennesseeJun 26, 20170 Comments

Much like all the other descriptions – Out of state plates, speed drops from 55 to 40 – single sign to note the change so if you’re not really paying attention you’re done for. Super nice officer – of course he is, cause he’s a revenue maker for the town, probably gets bonuses off of these. Asks, do you know how fast you were going – I say 50, he says, well it’s a 40. Asks, have you been through here before – yes I would swear it was 55. He says, it was a couple of months ago but people were going too fast so we had to change it. I say, I’m surprised at the 40 as it’s a 4 lane divided highway, he says, there are sidewalks… Really??? Because all I see are weeds everywhere. He did not show me the radar but did tell me I was going 55 – I was not. He hands me my ticket, says he reduced it from 55 to 50 so the points won’t hit my license, says the ticket is $100 and needs to be a money order received by July 17. Sounds like he’s reading a script. Tells me to have a nice day and off I go. This whole thing is just interesting as this has been going on since at least 2001 (according to the posts). Speed zones are constantly changing. I took the back roads to enjoy the scenery vs going up 75. I’ve now contributed to the city of Benton’s fund for goodness only knows what. Just RIDICULOUS

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