Benton, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Highway 411 through Benton city, TN – Front of Police Dept

Benton, TennesseeApr 18, 20190 Comments

Highway limit is 55. Benton’s arbitrary and capricious speed limit is 40.
As evidenced, by the numerous complaints, its clear Benton is a notorious speed trap, that they have a quota. But what really irritates me, is the level of disrespect from this officer. Asks about driving record, which is clean. Then asks why I was speeding and before I could render a response he gave me all these sarcastic answers: i.e. is there a fire?, you just in a hurry? you just don’t care? Seriously, people don’t like this. I’m not a local. I’m a veteran. A law abiding citizen. I used to be a federal agent and conducted counter drug operations in the Caribbean where my team went after real bad guys. This small town good ole boy deputy needs to learn some manners, as well as professional law enforcement protocol.
The police officer, “claimed” his radar clocked me 57 on 40. Said he was going to lower it to 51, as if he was doing me a favor. Said my insurance costs would not go up as much with him giving me a break. Ticket cost: $124
Pretty lavish police station for city with a population of 1,300. Then before letting me go, lectures me again about driving the speed limit, as if the $124 fleecing doesn’t speak for itself. This is not about Public Safety. Its about generating income. Don’t spend your tax dollars, or vacation money in Benton TN.

Hwy 411 through Benton city Tennessee

Benton, TennesseeApr 17, 20190 Comments

Along Highway 411 through Benton city, TN, the highway limit is 55 miles/hr, it was around 9:00 PM with intense seasonal foggy around, I was driving not fast, I didn’t have any speed ticket so far as a driver.
I saw there is a traffic light in front, I slowed down and stopped for the red lights. Suddenly I saw a police car blinking the blue lights behind me, after the red lights turned green, I drove across the intersection and pulled over.
The police officer walked to my car window, he said I was over speed to 58 on 40, he would like to lower it to 51 , I need to pay 124$ , the court date is 3 weeks after at 7:00PM for this small town.
I was so surprised, I hadn’t seen any 40 speed sign yet at night with foggy, my good driving record just got ruined, I had never got a speed ticket before this.
I am from GA , just passed by this little town of TN.
The police officer even told me, slow down for next town, it is 30 knots limit ON HIGHWAY , they are more restrict than here.
I took the ticket, sadly dove through at 30miles/hour on Highway until pass next town. Off course I saw two police cars blinking the blue lights, each of them pulled over a car on the side road, doing their business. Through the fog, their images under the weak blinking lights were fading and shaking , I support our policemen, but not black sheeps.
I knew it is a trap, when I search online, guess what, too many people complained the speed trap here.
If someone can do something about it, I would rather donate some money for stopping ruining people’s journey.

Hwy 411 through Benton city Tennessee

Benton, TennesseeAug 15, 20181 Comments

This city is profiting off of out of state visitors and tourist. I received a ticket for 51 in a 40, no warning but the short signs I seen on way back from renting a hotel in their town which will never happen again. The officer also would not accept insurance card over the phone and told me I could handle this over the phone which was a lie and I will have to go back to court soon. If you will please sign the petition to recognize nationally this town is profiting from speed traps on White House.Gov thank you and god bless.

Along highway 411

Benton, TennesseeNov 10, 20170 Comments

The highway 411 abruptly slows down from a speed limit of 55mph to 40mph. The police department conveniently camps out right at the 40mph sign and radars anyone coming in over the limit, which to most would be 15mph over due to the abrupt reduction in speed, along with the speed limit signs hard to read and low to the ground. (Not exaggerating, lowest signs I’ve ever seen for a traffic sign.. I’d guesstimate that they are 3.5 to 4 feet tall)

Police do NOT issue warnings. Upon further investigation of their department, it has less than 15 officers and ~50% (250k) of their revenue is from writing citations for speeding on 411 coming into town.

As previously stated, no warning. The cop didn’t even offer a chance to speak about the incident. Just asked for information and quickly walked away to his car. Came back and gave a ticket for over $120. Stated that you had to send a check or money order to the court house. No online portal, no debit/credit card payments were allowed. Uh, okay.

Hwy 411 To Pigeon Forge TN-July 5 2017

Benton, TennesseeJul 10, 20170 Comments

Heading to Pigeon Forge on Hwy 411, 4 lane divided highway with minimal speed signs , with family and the drastic uncalled apparent change from 55 to 40!

Benton PD parallel facing south next to a fence , with others vehicle in the landes my gut was correct he pulls out and lights me up.

I hand him my liscense and gun permit as a law obiding citizen, no concern to ask any more details, insurance and registration hand it over as well.

Officer ask me where are you going not once but twice, ask me if my record was clean , absolutely.

Well it’s was not a warning but a ticket and he starts ” This is what we are going to do today” hit me for 11 over , and a fine for $131.00, signed left .

Facts for this county and law enforcement: officer never advised me in what lane of traffic i was in , his method of radar Timmy vehicle, ( vehicle mounted radar on a 4 lane Hwy not a hand held laser!), no statement of daily certification, etc.

I support our law enforcement for my family is part of the proud men and ladies who wear blue , this area of TN Hwy being patrolled is a Speed Trap with a population of 1200

Last alternate trip thru this part of TN

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