Getwell-between Goodman Rd and Stateline Rd

Southaven, MississippiMar 08, 20112 Comments

This is a long road and the speed limit is apparently 40mph. The sit out there at night with 0 tolerence.

Affirmative...the speed trap is usually setup at one of 2-3 churches, or the Enrichment center across from the Summerwood subdivision. 98% of the time they're only setup on the weekends, and are using LIDAR to catch your speed. Do yourself a favor and if you know the speed trap is active, do 20mph down the entire stretch of road and take away from Southaven's traffic ticket revenue.
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There should be more speed traps. The people around here drive like MANIACS! they drive at least 10 mph over the speed limit, while talking on their cell phones, and they don't use any turn signals! They pass anyone who is not doing over the speed limit, even in a no passing zone around a curb! Especially the curb on Star landing by the Southaven, Water tower before you each the retirement home. I am surprised there has not been a fatal crash on the curb! it's posted at 20 but drivers are flying around that curb at 40! The police should sit at the water tower and watch the activity!
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