going from Alvarado to Cleburne on HWY 67

Keene, TexasMar 21, 20111 Comments

only one sign announces speed limit of 50 mph when entering Keene…even at midnight, Keene’s finest in blue is out there with radar…I realized my excess speed of 61 mph and was braking in front of the school, even before the officer could get out onto the Hwy and turn on his lights, but there was no denying that I had committed the offense of being more than 10% above the speed limit…at Midnight, only one speed sign…go figure!

The cop with a notorious reputation patrolling through Keene as I understand it from locals while I stay here to work the oil fields is he does not allow for much error. I look at it as if you do not do the speed limit then you should be rewarded by being stopped, but everybody with common sense knows that if you do the speed limit posted you are rewarded by not being stopped. Look, I do not like getting a ticket either but I see it as my family drives on these very roads we are complaining about so our answer is by complaining about the very officers that we hire to keep us from driving to fast that can cause us to have accidents that can hurt the very family members of mine, yours, etc... that drive on these roads. I see it as if we were to all do the speed limits posted by the very legislature we voted for to trickle down speed limits for our roads posted by TxDOT then these officers would not have anything else to do but patrol other places, therefore we would not be wasting our times writing about how this city is a speed trap and that city is a speed trap. So you see, we are the very ones that causes this in the first place by our speeding so our way getting it out of our system is creating this website so we can blame the very people that we put out there to protect/keep us safe, I'm sorry but I do not get it? All I know is I see where these warriors, heroes deal with our rough society on a daily basis then we expect them to allow us to speed to crash to hurt others do to our always being in a hurry, then maybe we should get up earlier to be on time to work so we do not have to speed. I guess I will know what the ones who have been ticketed fell like once old red eye stops me for speeding then hands me a ticket due to my driving to fast or then maybe I'll just thank him for his service because he risks his life for mine, my family's for the measly amount we pay them to risk thier lifes everyday to see to our safety. I don't know what do you think? Be safe out there officers! Thank you for your service officers! Thank you for always keeping our lifes safe so we can live another day to spend with our families, you are special people to endure the massive whiners that think they are more special than others so they put you down on a website like this to make them feel better or think it will stop you from doing the very job they hired you to do. So if I am speeding please correct me so I do not wreck causing any person to be hurt or injured where I have to live with that guilt and again thank you for your service!
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