Keene, Texas Speed Traps

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entrance to hwy 67 from Southwestern College

Keene, TexasOct 22, 20151 Comments

Normal entrance to hwy 67 closed; due to construction…feeder road winds around and has stop sign as opposed to a yield sign. Watch out when leaving the Southwestern College and getting in the west bound lane of hwy 67. Cop sits atop hill to scope you. After stopping at sign , you have to pull up a little closer to see over concrete barrier. Speed limit is 55 coming over the hill top. There is no room to accelerate before pulling on to this busy highway. According to cop, a stop consist of a minimum of 3 seconds before reacceleration. He boast about all the drivers saying they thought it was a yield sign. Who puts a stop sign on a feeder road that dumps into a single lane highway?

3500 US HWY 67

Keene, TexasMar 01, 20151 Comments

Driving along at posted speed limit (50), saw 60 mph sign ahead about 50 yrds, hit my cruise control to get back up to speed (60) and was “lasered”. Sitting back off the road almost even with the 60 mph sign. Wrote me a ticket for 10 over.


Keene, TexasOct 31, 20131 Comments

A cop with a notorious reputation patrols 67 through Keene. The signs are intentionally small and difficult to see because of all the truck traffic. This is Keenes answer to keeping taxes low.

going from Alvarado to Cleburne on HWY 67

Keene, TexasMar 21, 20111 Comments

only one sign announces speed limit of 50 mph when entering Keene…even at midnight, Keene’s finest in blue is out there with radar…I realized my excess speed of 61 mph and was braking in front of the school, even before the officer could get out onto the Hwy and turn on his lights, but there was no denying that I had committed the offense of being more than 10% above the speed limit…at Midnight, only one speed sign…go figure!

FM 2280 (Old Betsy Rd) Heading North from Hwy 67

Keene, TexasFeb 22, 20111 Comments

The speed limit starts at 55 mph, goes to 45 right after the 67 Bypass, then drops to 35 just before the traffic light at 4th St. Speed Limit continues at 35 until you pass the gymnasium at the college, goes to 45 and stays there until you pass the TXDOT building on the right, where it goes to 55. Be careful! The speed limit stays at 55 until the Keene city limit, where it finally goes to 60. Local cops like to sit by the side of the road heading south, just before the light at Hillcrest St.

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