going into texline from new mexico

Texline, TexasJul 09, 20105 Comments

45 mph then 35mph a very short distance. Cop will clock you at the 35mph sign.

I came into Texline from NM, was pulled over on the east end of town. The cop came up to my truck and said I was clocked at 42 in a 35 mph zone. When he came back I signed the ticket and was on my way. I looked at the ticket later, school zone was circled and he had entered 38 mph in a 20 mph school zone. As it turns out that just happens to bring the fine to the maximum of $245.00 with an additional $200.00 for the school zone.
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Just pulled out of a gas station and was driving West headed out of town toward the New Mexico State Line. I could see the speed limit was increasing, 45, then 55 miles an hour. Naturally, I increased my speed. After crossing the New Mexico line, I look in my rearview and see I'm being pulled over. The officer informs me that my speed was "49 mph" and I hadn't actually "crossed" the 45 mph sign yet. (Even though I could see it and the 55.) He gave me a citation for $180.00 along with a handout they already have made up and ready for all out of state travelers detailing how I could pay the fine. My husband is a police officer, and his department has no such flyer! This is how prepared they are for out of state vehicles. Upon calling the judge, we were informed that we could either drive the 8 hours from our home back to Texline to contest the citation, at which time she would call the police officer in to testify, and then make her decision. Or, we could just plead no contest, and pay the ticket. However, if I wanted to this to dissappear from my driving record, I could pay $300.00, and they would take care of it!!!!! We were told by the judge that this was a legal and common custom in Texas. The icing on the cake: I have never had a speeding ticket in my life! Officer could have easily given me a warning considering I was traveling alone with two toddlers, and the speed was increasing ANYWAY... Definitely a SPEED TRAP!
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The Marshall is the most "efficient" cop I have ever seen. He did not have time to wait for me to find my insurance card when I was sorting through a pile of documents and directed me to the Texline Civic Center when I finally found it. At the civic center, I complained about using this speed trap as a revenue generator but was told that (1) the speed signs were set up by Texas State, not Texline, and (2) Texline only gets a portion of each fine. Thereafter, I went back and watched for about 15 minutes. Essentially every vehicle was passing the 35 mph sign at higher speeds and the Marshall had no waiting time to catch the next car. He got four while I was watching. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP IT! Two more points: The roadside sign shows Texline population as 507, not 700. I had kept my driving record clean for 20+ years before this citation.
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Texline is a perfect example of a speed trap and a local government that provides its salaries through speeding tickets. All the city marshal's office does there is write tickets and let me tell you, he is good at his job. He is an A++ ticket writer; the city should be able to sleep good at night, knowing that the speed is being enforced at that level. I just hope that there is never a need for real law enforcement skills there. Oh and it’s a town of 500 people, but their city marshal has a computerized ticket printer in his truck. Huh, I am from a city that is a lot bigger than texline and there is no way they can afford a system like that. I really wish some politicians would put a stop to the extortion against citizens passing through that town. Again, I would like to just compliment the city marshal there on doing such a great job in enforcing speeding tickets. I’m sure it takes years of great police work to be so skilled. I know J. Edgar hoover would be proud.
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On March 29, 2012 entered the town of Texline on Hwy 87 going east. Had noted that the speed limit signs decreased very quickly so made sure I matched the correct speed in advance of each sign. On leaving town, east side, was pulled over by city marshall. Very cordial. After checking with the computer, my license plate etc., I asked him what I did. He asked me, with a big smile, to step out of my car. He pointed back west and asked me: "Do you see that yellow sign with the flashing lights back there?" I answered, "Yes." He then informed me that it was a school zone and I had driven through at "about 39-41 mph." [ About? ] He wrote the ticket and showed me the 'state speeding fines statement [ ? ], noting that since I was doing 39 [ good guy that he was], he said that he would write it up at 39 mph to save me money. So, my fine would only be $400 ! Then he informed me that since I had been so polite to him, he would treat me really nice and if I'd just follow him back to city hall he'd so inform the judge and they would waive the 'school zone' part and I'd only have to pay $200, because after all, I was doing 39 mph in a 20 mph zone even if it wasn't listed as a school zone. This begs common sense as it was only 20 mph IF THE LIGHTS WERE FLASHING ! I followed him and when entering the city hall, which was virtually empty, he said I wouldn't have to see the judge after all, just go to the clerk and she would write it up as he said. They did, and cordially made arrangements for me to pay it off at 50.00 per month. What a bunch of great people! [Sarcasm intended ] Incidentally, my wife and I drove back and checked the sign. . . .there were no flashing lights. This was more than a 'scam' as it was fraudulent from the inception, including the 'good guy' act of the city marshal
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