Texline, Texas Speed Traps

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The 45mph sign to 35mph just before entering and leaving

Texline, TexasSep 24, 20200 Comments

Clearly the town needs all the funds it can get through these tickets, the towns full of cops just waiting for you to go “40+” in the 35 and have no reason for pulling you over besides money.

HWY 87

Texline, TexasMay 11, 20200 Comments

Had this happen both East and Westbound on Highway 87 when going thru during vacation in 2019.

Didn’t get pulled over, I obeyed the speed limit signs. Had a police officer follow me from one side of the town to the other, he only stopped because he got too close and my camera system flashed a warning at him.

Not sure why this happened two times. Otherwise, I did notice school zones lights, in the middle of summer when school is out in Texas that on Eastbound that was turned on and the Westbound turned off.

I’m pretty sure I would have been given a ticket, but my camera system (with a sticker saying this “Vehicle is monitored at all times.” on it deterred the speed trap.

Entering town going east on Hwy 87 @ school zone sign

Texline, TexasJul 10, 20121 Comments

Speed limit signs quickly progress down to 30mph through town. There is a yellow sign across the hwy saying ‘school zone’ with lights. The lights are off. As you leave town, you are pulled over by the city marshal who asks you to step out of your car, points west back to the school zone sign and asks: “Do you see those flashing lights?” You answer “yes,” because the lights are flashing on the EAST SIDE OF THE SIGN. You will then be shown a Texas state guide which shows you that the fine for going through the school zone is $400 ! You will then be asked to return to the city hall, make payment arrangements at once and the ‘judge’ will ‘eliminate’ school zone part and reduce the fine to $200. Pure scam. The lights WERE NOT ON on the west side of the sign [ WE CHECKED THE SAME DAY ! ].

Also, we had reduced our speed to the stated 30mph and the marshal said we were going ‘about 39-41 mph.’ About ! Hadn’t even used a radar gun.

All through town on US87

Texline, TexasAug 03, 20111 Comments

Speed limit signs are there but very close together. City Policeman was very courteous but showed absolutely no mercy. If you are going on vacation, the 10 days allowed to settle your ticket leaves you no option but to plead guilty and send a money order from your vacation destination.

going into texline from new mexico

Texline, TexasJul 09, 20105 Comments

45 mph then 35mph a very short distance. Cop will clock you at the 35mph sign.

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