Highland 79 and SR 423

McKenzie, TennesseeJul 23, 20115 Comments

We had no idea there was a speed monitoring device set up. We traveled July 4th weekend through that section of town going through to the other side. We got a $50.00 ticket about two weeks later in the mail. They didn’t get a picture of the person driving the car so there’s no way they could’ve determined whether it was me, my wife or someone else. I the video they have on their violationinfo.com page all the other vehicles were going e same speed across the screen, so every one else must’ve been going the "APPROX. SPEED" of 49 in in a supposed 35 or we just looked like an easy target. I would argue in court but since this seem to be just about them making money I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of swindling me out of more than what they didn’t deserve in the first place. Since both police and fire departments are having parts of their pension taken away this must be their way of making up for those lost funds.

Mckenzie got my 50.00 dollars---totally wrong --this isn't law enforcement thisis taxing --I am not visable in photo/vid--was it me or my roomate ---someone needs to file a slass action against mckenzie with punitave damages --where are all the lawyers when they are really needed ---probably protecting mckenzie ---I will never travel through or near that trap again with my business money--boycott mckenzie business
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Highland 79 and SR 423 - yeah the bear bit me there going southbound on 79 Aug. 17th - same way. Camera's. I can't argue with it - since it appears to be on the south side of town I was probably coming back up to speed since I managed to get most of the way thru town. Most generally these speed traps get you coming into town. Highway speed is 55, you see a sign that says speed zone ahead. Just about the time you lift and start slowing down you pass a speed limit sign that says 45 (usually) or maybe 35. You either got to start praying or hit the brakes thoroughly ticking the guy behind you off which then starts a chain reaction.
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I join the MANY others who will never spend one red cent in this little burg again. We used to buy gas, sandwiches, candy, etc. here. NOT AGAIN, and we are telling everyone at the lake to do the same thing! Please do the same thing - post it at ramps and marina bullitin boards. AVOID McKenzie, Tenn.
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You people kill me,do the speed limit and you want have any trouble...you want to blame everyone and everything else for you doing wrong,point blank if you were doing what you was suppose to then you would never had any trouble...plus its a lot better a camera giving you a ticket than an officer..which would be around 150 bux plus could go on you DMV...Be a real man or woman and and stop being a little crybaby because it the driver who is at fault not the camera... btw yes i do hate them too but looking at the cost i had much rather get a ticket from a cam
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If they are so wrong how come it like 117 for and 3 against. Because it is a speed trap.
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