McKenzie, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Paris Ave and Hwy 79.

McKenzie, TennesseeJan 23, 20160 Comments

Poorly posted and unreasonable speed limit on a 4 lane highway through McKenzie TN. I had a recent trip to Millington TN and drove hwy 79, which runs through McKenzie, I got an automated speeding ticket going and on the return trip, which averaged about 12 miles over a 40 mile an hour speed limit on this 4 lane hwy. Had no idea the speed limit changed or where it changed. I will absolutely avoid McKenzie and will be on the lookout for indications of this kind of speed trap. Seriously, in this area the speed limit is completely setup to generate funds. The speed limit is unreasonable, the conditions are not made obvious to anyone driving through this area, and furthermore, the authorities absolutely know, that on average people are going to go at least 10 MPH over limit, due to being unaware of the change in speed. I am curious as to how much money is generated from this speed trap. I would bet it’s a lot!

henry tn

McKenzie, TennesseeApr 22, 20150 Comments

photos taken of the car and if the license plate is from outside the county a $50 bill is sent. My two college age students were considering bethel college.
NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

79 HWY East of red light and at red light

McKenzie, TennesseeNov 19, 20116 Comments

Camera’s….An out of town tax. Watch out. In fact if you can by pass Mckenzie at all I would sugest that. Including shopping there!

On Hwy 79

McKenzie, TennesseeOct 03, 20112 Comments

A Real Speed Trap!! I would advise anyone and everyone to avoid this greedy little town at all costs. If you MUST go thru McKenzie – DO NOT spend ONE Penny with any merchant, restaurant, or service in this town. With their “robot cop” there is no contact until you receive their ticket weeks later (mailed from Knoxville, and you must send your $50.00 to an address in Cincinnati, Ohio???) When, in our case, we were back at home about a thousand miles away. And, the Chamber of Commerce toots a lot of BS about “what a friendly town we have”. They need another source of income for their city!!

Highland 79 and SR 423

McKenzie, TennesseeJul 23, 20115 Comments

We had no idea there was a speed monitoring device set up. We traveled July 4th weekend through that section of town going through to the other side. We got a $50.00 ticket about two weeks later in the mail. They didn’t get a picture of the person driving the car so there’s no way they could’ve determined whether it was me, my wife or someone else. I the video they have on their page all the other vehicles were going e same speed across the screen, so every one else must’ve been going the "APPROX. SPEED" of 49 in in a supposed 35 or we just looked like an easy target. I would argue in court but since this seem to be just about them making money I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of swindling me out of more than what they didn’t deserve in the first place. Since both police and fire departments are having parts of their pension taken away this must be their way of making up for those lost funds.

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