Highway 1- Just before you get into Palmer

Palmer, AlaskaOct 18, 20021 Comments

As you come down out of the winding curves and hit a straight away(first one in miles and miles)you have the urge to drive a little fast to make up for the time lost in the mountians,don’t,this cop is waiting for you. He only got us going in but he had 7 cars pulled over as we left town 2 days later. he was writting every one of them a ticket.

I am not quite sure why people need to be aware of "Speed Traps" Every law abiding citizen knows there are Police out there somewhere....esp when they need help from them. I am on the other side of this situation.....You see My oldest son died while on duty as a Palmer Police Officer....Helping some one who's desire was to kill a COP. SO, I say Obey the laws and there is no need for you to worry about where the next Officer is sitting. I remember a Maryland Police Officer once saying, (In defense of their speed traps" That they were only tricky when dealing with tricky people. God bless.
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