Highway 321

Norway, South CarolinaJun 23, 20030 Comments

Norway is one of the many Seedtraps on 321 between Columbia and Savannah. When you see a sign that tells you to "Reduce Speed Ahead" you had better take it seriously in Norway because a certain young officer who "watches over" the town of Norway is more than willing to hand you a ticket. I was headed south on 321 – taking my time – doing about 60 mph. I saw the reduce speed sign and started to slow down. I also caught sight of a Blue Ford Crusiser approaching me from the south. I noticed in my rear view mirror that he slowed but then continued north. Fifteen minutes later and 12 miles south of "town" the same blue cruiser was on my bumper with all his blue lights flashing. I thought that he was going to ram me and force me off the road. When I stopped he asked me why I was in such a hurry. He said that I was doing 62 in a 45 zone. (I was not. My speedometer and GPS both said that I was doing 52.) He said that he was going to "give me a break" though and issue a ticket for "thoughtless operation" which he said would not give me any points but would give me a $200 fine! (Sounds like a good deal for Norway doesn’t it? I don’t want to take a day off from work and drive 200 miles to fight a ticket and a good lawyer would cost me more than that so I just pay the ticket.) By the way, when I asked Lt. "Friendly" why he followed me 12 miles out of town to give me a ticket he got very angry. I had visions of being taken away in cuffs. I decided to shut up and move on. That is my last time on South Carolina 321. From now on I will take the Interstate. "Stay away from Norway" might be a good town moto. That part of South Carolina is dying – no industry and no tourism. I wonder why? I am sure that the Highway 321 Speedtrap does not help.

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