Norway, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Hwy 321 Norway, South Carolina

Norway, South CarolinaSep 09, 20130 Comments

Going North on 321 the speed drops from 45 to 30 with out warning. I braked as soon as I saw the sign. The deputy turned on his lights before I even passed the new speed limit sign. He told me it should be an $800 fine but he was doing me a favor by giving me a fine for being a "thoughtless" driver. Not to mention, the court date is listed at 7:30 at night.


Norway, South CarolinaJun 30, 20100 Comments

They got an unmarked 2010 HEMI Charger now that you can’t tell its a Police vehicle til all those lights come on!!!!!!! They sit by the gas station, by the park, and a black unmarked sits on Norway Rd (HWY 400) in a Crown Vic. They will get you so PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!! THE TOWN IS POOR SO THEY NEED YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hwy 321

Norway, South CarolinaJun 07, 20101 Comments

Was stopped in Norway, South Carolina on Hwy 321 by Officer Barney Fife who informed me that I was doing 42 in a 30 mph zone. He stopped me 50 feet from the 45 mph sign. Officer Fife proceeded to tell me that normally the speeding fine would be $250 however he was giving me a break and siting me for “Thoughtless Operation” and only fined me $200 with no points. WHAT A JOKE! This is definitely a speed trap so make sure you hit the brakes when you approach Norway. If you get stopped in Norway, ask Barney if Andy gave him one bullet for his gun.

Downtown Norway, Highway 321

Norway, South CarolinaApr 17, 20100 Comments

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of respect for law enforcement and I do my best to abide by the laws.
I was pulled over in Norway by a "cop" who was dressed in dirty jeans, a white t-shirt (with his belly hanging out) and a plain black vest that had "Police" printed on it. I am not exaggerating; he looked more like a bad joke than a traffic cop. I didn’t see him at first because he was driving an unmarked black mustang, but I heard a siren and immediately pulled over into a parallel parking space, thinking a firetruck must be coming up behind me. He said I was doing 48 in a 30 mph zone, which is impossible because I could not have pulled over at that speed. Anyway, he didn’t even offer me a speeding ticket, he just told me he was doing me a big favor by giving me a non-reportable $250 fine for "unsafe movement." I was so sure it was a scam that I called the city courthouse to find out if he really was a cop. I think that they particularly pick on out-of-state tags because they know the cost and inconvenience of trying to fight the ticket is going to prevent most people from doing so. My husband thinks that maybe the radar was shot before I actually entered the speed zone. I did go back through Norway one time, traveling at 5mph below the speed limit all the way, and surely enough, a woman with a Florida tag was pulled over by an unmarked car. I could tell by the body language that she was having a disagreement with the officer. My advice if you must travel through Norway: be sure you are well below the limit, know that it drops quickly, and be sure you know how fast you are going, because that is the first thing they ask you, and if you don’t know exactly, they consider you an easy mark.

US Highway 321 near State Highway 322

Norway, South CarolinaJan 30, 20060 Comments

Unmarked, (Brown), local police park against building at intersection governed by a flashing yellow light for Hwy 321. Speed limit signs are posted north and south upon entering town–reduce speed ahead, 1/4 mile 45 MPH sign, then 1/10 mile 30 MPH sign. Flashing light is less than 1/10 mile from 30 MPH sign. Citations are NOT reported to State authorities for Driver Point allocations. However, fines are $250.00

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