Highway 441 North of Dublin in Laurens County

Dublin, GeorgiaMay 28, 20121 Comments

Highway 441 north of Dublin from the Wilkinson County line to the north beginning point of the 441 bypass. Highway is 4 lane and speed limit is 65 to the Laurens County line where it unseemingly changes to 55 and is not well marked. Because it is a 4 lane road and has been 65 (and should be) you are lulled into maintaining the 65 speed. County Law enforcement monitor the 6 mile stretch.

My wife was just ticketed on this 4 lane with virtually no traffic and no residential areas to be seen within 5 miles. This strip of 441 in Laurens County is most definitely nothing but a revenue generator. Neither of us recall seeing the speed limit signs noting the drop in speed limit from 65mph to 55mph and there is absolutely nothing in the driving conditions, terrain, residential area or traffic congestion to warrant such a drop in the speed limit. We moved to Georgia (where I grew up) about 9 months ago from California. Admittedly, both my wife and I typically drive about 5 to 8 mph above whatever the posted speed limit is but that seems to be all it takes to activate a Georgia State Trooper, City or County officers. I've informed my two teenage sons that I'm okay with them pursuing most any career as a socially responsible and productive human being, but I would be devastated if they were to decide to become a speed ticket writing law enforcement officer. These guys are nothing but tax collectors, albeit under the guise of protecting public safety. Drive into any convenience store in southern Georgia and you will more than likely encounter any number of meth heads and pill poppers. No money to be made enforcing laws on these people. Instead they rob the hard working, tax paying citizens instead. It seems that everytime we make the commute from north GA to south GA, virtually every county has one or more of these cars with a publicly-funded officer sitting behind the wheel waiting to make his quota. I love this state, but surely there must be a better way to generate tax revenue than harassing folks like ourselves.;
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