Highway 95

Schurz, NevadaOct 16, 20032 Comments

Small indian colony with tribal police inforcing the strict letter of the law. The oficer states "yes we are notorious here" I have passed throught often and seen cars detained on every trip through. I’t must be good business in this town. Tip: if you see an oncomming car flash his headlights several times at you ´┐ŻBeware! you are approaching a speed trap.

This small indian town is about 10 miles north of Walker Lake (Hawthorne). lf you are traveling north you have long passed the "safety area" of lower speeds on the road circling the lake and are on a straight newly paved wide two lane in the middle of nowhere which invites speed. As you crest the last hill before sighting the town you will observe (or not) a local cop on the east side of the highway parked in a long since abandoned parking lot. If he has been waiting, you have been had. I have observed him parked at night with his lights out a couple of times in the past 4 years- and I pass through only about 8 times a year.
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I also posted this on the Walke Lake speed trap. I was had by the same officer right at Walker Lake. He said that it doesn't go on my state record, but if it just get's paid it won't go any further. It's a $140.00 fine for speeding. I thought the days of speed traps were over, but apparantly not.
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