Hwy 11 across from Blue Willow Inn

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Cop sitting right across from the Inn pulled me over for not having my lights on at 2 o’clock in the afternoon while it was cloudy and drizzling. He didn’t give me a warning at all just a ticket for $128.00 for not having lights on. Be careful in this little rednecktown, It’s obvious they are trying to make quotas to pay for their little police force of 8 or 9. How corrupt!!!

common sense and the law requires you to have your head lights on whenever it is raining and the use of the wippers are needed. this is for your safety as well as the other traveling public. just my . 02
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That officer just might have saved your life or some elses! It's very hard to see a vehicle without lights when it's drizzling and cloudy.
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To the two defending the cop giving a ticket: how about just a warning the first time? These small redneck/hick towns in the south that just go out to generate revenue are ridiculous - it is a racket. This is the same town that goes on the interstate to charge the bogus $700 move over law and treat it like a DUI offense. Bogus, hick town rackets need to be stopped.
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Use some common sense and turn on your lights when it is raining. Warning tickets are not required. Go to court and explain to the judge how special you are that the safety aspects of the headlights requirement and the move over law were meant for everyone else but you because you were one of the special people that the legislature did not mean to include in the statutes. I am sure it was a simple printing error when they did not print you name in the statute as being exempt from those statutes. The move over law exist to protect public safety and the general public when they are stopped on the interstates - you are required to move over and to slow down so that officers, citizens, and the involved vehicles will not be struck by the exempt special people, like you as you speed by them. If you do not like either of these statutes petition your Georgia legislature members to have changes to the laws. I am sure that once you explain to them how stressful it is for you to have to turn on your lights when it rains and that it causes you to be late to your next extremely important meeting to slow down and to move over when you encounter public safety and citizens on the interstates, I am sure they will immediately take actions to assist you with your concerns.
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