Social Circle, Georgia Speed Traps

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Route 11, Hightower Trail, other streets around town

Social Circle, GeorgiaJun 26, 20102 Comments

The Social Circle Police are everywhere waiting to pick up a speeder. They even have an empty car with darkened windows that they move around town to park in different locations. Be careful when driving through town. They’ll get you if you aren’t following the speed laws.

exit 101, hwy 278 east

Social Circle, GeorgiaApr 11, 20101 Comments

Getting off of I-20 at exit 101 and heading east on hwy 278, about 3/4mi from the interstate is a small church. A Social Circle cop loves to hide on one side of the church catching speeders. 55mph zone.

exit 101 on I-20

Social Circle, GeorgiaApr 11, 20101 Comments

Heading east on I-20, slow down at exit 101. There is almost certainly a Social Circle city, Georgia State Patrol, Newton County, or Morgan County cop hiding at this exit. All 4 of those jurisdictions come together at this exit. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see someone pulled over here.

Hwy 11 across from Blue Willow Inn

Social Circle, GeorgiaMar 10, 20104 Comments

Cop sitting right across from the Inn pulled me over for not having my lights on at 2 o’clock in the afternoon while it was cloudy and drizzling. He didn’t give me a warning at all just a ticket for $128.00 for not having lights on. Be careful in this little rednecktown, It’s obvious they are trying to make quotas to pay for their little police force of 8 or 9. How corrupt!!!

Interstate 20

Social Circle, GeorgiaDec 21, 20094 Comments

Most people don’t know that Social Circle city limits extend across Interstate 20.
They have a new tactic. There is a new law in Ga. that you have to get over in the left lane if an officer is present for the safety of the officer. The Social Circle police like to sit on I-20 and hand out $700.00 tickets for this new law. It happened to my wife’s elderly aunt and several others the day she went to court. The judge didn’t want to listen to any one just handed out $700.00 fines one after the other.

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