Hwy 15-401 heading N out of town

Society Hill, South CarolinaAug 18, 20111 Comments

Right after you go through the town, hwy 52 splits off to the left. You start coming down a hill going out of town. There is some kind of furniture place on the right. Officer (name deleted) said he clocked me “coming down the hill going past the furniture store”. I was following a semi all the way through town. I told him, “I couldn’t have been speeding. The semi was going well below the speed limit through town.” He said, “You were catching up to the semi. You were going 56 in a 40.” I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in 23 years!!! He wouldn’t give me a warning. He wouldn’t even drop it to 55 in a 40. Just slapped the full $185.63 fine on me. What a crock.

Hmmm - something is fishy with this little town. i was coming through this corrupt little town on Saturday morning. I saw the ever changing speed limit and thought I was doing a pretty good job with keeping up with the the changes. I got nailed right after I took the left onto US52 going towards Cheraw. Honestly - I have no idea what the speed limit was because I was trying to figure out where I was going, but I did have to come to almost a complete stop for two cars coming into town before I could make the left and the police "officer" was already pulling out of his spot once I made the turn. I saw him and checked my speed and was doing just under 40. My husband was in the car and also looked at my speedometer and agreed that I was going around 40 - he couldn't see exactly from the passenger seat. I got a ticket for 54 in a 35 - there is no way I was doing 54. My ticket was also $185.63. I was told by town hall when I called them this morning that if I would just plead guilty, they would drop the amount. I refuse to plead guilty to a speed I wasn't doing! If they want to fine me for 40mph - then fine, I will pay that - but not 54!
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