Society Hill, South Carolina Speed Traps

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At 35 increase to 45 mph sign going out of town on rt 52

Society Hill, South CarolinaJul 28, 20170 Comments

Cop sits on an abandoned road in the 45 mph zone and shoots your speed as you accelerate out of the 35 mph zone. On route 52 (Cheraw Highway) just past Burlington drive heading towards Cheraw. Has his act down pat…first asked if you knew what the speed limit was and when you say “no” he says turn around and look at the sign which indicate you just left a 35 mph zone. Clocked me at 56 in 35…21 over and did not reduce at all. $188 fine.

Near where you leave town

Society Hill, South CarolinaOct 24, 20150 Comments

Wish I had known this was a speed trap. Nowhere else do they say, “here’s the fine, but for an extra $50” , and I quote “I will delete it”. Highway robbery.

RT 52 North toward Cheraw on a hill

Society Hill, South CarolinaMay 29, 20150 Comments

Just like everyone else, I turned left toward Cheraw. I had been following a car that was doing 20mph in a 35mph zone. When he went straight I turned, being aggravated at the speed I speed up to turn and immediately let off the gas as I read a sign that states “watch your speed”. As I crested the hill I knew I was speeding but I wasn’t accelerating. His lights came on right away and the officer in the black charger pulled me. He said I was going 53 in a 35 and fined me $185.63 like everyone else. Then said since I was former military he would let me pay $200 and not have the 4 points on my license. What a rip off. I used to travel through there frequently but now I avoid it.

Anywhere inside the city limits.

Society Hill, South CarolinaOct 23, 20141 Comments

Unmarked and marked cars set up along US 52 just inside the town limits. They stop you if you are exceeding the speed limit of 35. They show no mercy.

Near intersection of Highways 52 and 1

Society Hill, South CarolinaSep 30, 20130 Comments

Heading north on US 52/1, Hwy 52 forks to the left. About 1/2 mile down the speed limit increases from 35 to 45 mph. The officer hides on the OTHER side of the 45 mph speed limit and catches any exceeding 35 mph UP TO the 45 mph sign

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