Hwy 231

Cottondale, FloridaJun 12, 20130 Comments

Pulled over by corporal o. Apparently i was speeding and i accept responsibility. i was in a 45 mph zone and he wrote i was in a 35, so he falsifies tickets. However his conduct on the stop was unethical and unconscienceable. I had to get new plate because i moved into new county. I hadnt changed out the plates and had the new one on the passenger seat. My husband usually does those things for me and he was due back from afghanistan shortly. Well corporal o said that what i had done was an arrestable offense and he could take me to jail right now! As an aside,he was incorrect and had no grounds to arrest me because you have to put a plate from another vehicle to be arrested for attached tagnot assigned. Meanwhile my three year old is terrified in back seat because this man in a uniform is screaming at his mommy. I have worked in law enforcment and know how to conduct myself on a stop so his screaming was inappropriate for the situation as no one was screaming or even speaking to him. Then mr o yells at me to get out of the car and change put the plate. So i do so without question and get back in the car. My son is crying in the backseat cryingand asking me if thebad man is going to take me away from him. Mr o is a predator and thrives on the power he wields, and the abuse he wreaks on innocent people. I called fdle and they said to call internal affairs or chief. Turns out the chief approves of mr o’s conduct. Meanwhile my son now fears men in uniforms…..thanks mr o for scaring an innocent little boy

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