Hwy 26 Mile Marker 65

Columbia, South CarolinaApr 09, 20020 Comments

I travel this way several times a year and always see half a dozen or so patrol cars between Columbia and Greenville along Hwy 26 and 385 (usually pulled over behind someone else). In addition to the usual squad car, they also drive Camaros. Sometimes they cruise slow (watch out ahead) and sometimes they cruise fast (watch out behind). Most of this highway is divided by cable so there aren’t many places for them to sit but Hwy 26 mile marker 65 is perfect, especially for north/west bound traffic. No cable median here. This spot is between two long hills and the median is deep and provides good cover. For north/west bound traffic, about half way down the hill, the road dives into an even steeper slope and that’s where you’ll find them, just past that 2nd crest. They are invisible there (even in the daytime) until you are literally right on top of them. Speed limit is 70 but there’s a good bit of downhill to pick up speed before that 2nd crest. South/east bound traffic should be able to see them (during the day) on the far upslope. If they do get you, be prepared for the deal; they’ll drop the ticket to half the points and fine if you pay on the spot; they say that’s what the Newberry judge will do anyway. Might as well take it because they’re right about the judge! Oh, by the way, the police officer won’t take credit card or check!

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