HWY 58 West towards I-95 Intersection

Emporia, VirginiaMay 14, 20150 Comments

I got a ticket today … the Emporia, Virginia police officer said I was doing 70 mph in a 60 mph zone … kinda’ hard when my cruise control was set at 64 mph??? Note: the officer was on the opposite side of the freeway (visible for miles away) and shooting oncoming traffic. Distance from him to my closest point of approach was approximately 65-75 feet. 5 miles down the road, he shows up, turns on the lights and I pull over. Bottomline: The officer wrote me a ticket for “defective equipment.” I then drove to the County Clerk’s office to gather some additional information (because the way the entire ticket was handled just seemed NKR – i.e., Not Kwuite Right) and the receptionist took one look at the ticket (through the window nonetheless) and laughed out-loud. I asked what was funny and she said she replied, “I see a lot of tickets written that come through here, but I have never seen a defective equipment ticket from that officer.” I asked her how she knew what officer (his name is not written on the ticket) and she then replied, “Oh – I recognized his badge number on the ticket.” Note: there are three law offices directly across the street from the County Clerk’s office in Emporia, Virginia … and every one of them welcomed my inquiry because they “all specialize in tickets and court appearances to defend tickets written in Emporia, Virginia.” So, I then drove to the Police Office and spoke with the dispatch officer and requested to speak with the on duty Precinct Commander. A few minutes later, arrived and I explained what had occurred less than an hour prior. I waived my rights, offered my keys for search of the vehicle and that a thorough inspection be performed to confirm my “defective equipment.” He looked at my truck (less than 35 feet away) and replied, “No sir, I can see that your truck is in good repair – it looks new and I am sure there is no defective equipment.” So I inquired to how his officer pulls me over for speeding, writes a ticket for defective equipment, and then allows me to travel in my defective equipment vehicle???? How is that “protecting the safety of citizens? If a vehicle is defective, then the officer should at least tell you what is defective, right? Maybe even look out for your safety? Not in Emporia, Virginia. The entire police department and city of Emporia, Virginia should be ashamed at their lack of integrity and the way they handle their local jurisdiction. i am still baffled at how the officer claims I am speeding, cannot show any proof whatsoever, then claims I have defective equipment … that he can “see” from 65-75 feet away as I am driving toward him …

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