Emporia, Virginia Speed Traps

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RT. 95N, NEAR MM 10

Emporia, VirginiaDec 07, 20180 Comments


Mile Marker 15 to Mile Marker 32 in both directions.

Emporia, VirginiaAug 28, 20180 Comments

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Office uses this stretch of Interstate 95 as a huge cash cow. During any time of the day, there are at least two (but as many as six) marked & unmarked sheriff’s patrol cars in this area. They use radar and lidar and there are plenty of places to hide (bushes, shoulder, etc.) while they wait for their prey to approach. State troopers also lurk in the area, but not as frequently. The “trap” area goes from just north of Emporia to just above the Stony Creek exit.

The posted limit is 70 mph, but traffic flow can easily top 80 to 85 mph. Also know that 81 mph or more in Virginia CAN be charged as reckless driving – a misdemeanor offense that requires a court appearance. Be careful out there!!

US 58 Highway all Eastbound lanes throughout emporia

Emporia, VirginiaJun 27, 20180 Comments

Welcome to emporia’s cash machine. This speedtrap has been enforced often. As you are traveling Eastbound highway 58 from the Brunswick/Greensville County line around 2 miles before interstate 95. At the end of town coming into emporia. The local sheriff’s and town police cruisers sit at the 45 mph zone only. This speedtrap is enforced in four sections of eastbound lanes entering emporia. Section 1 is in front of a advertising billboard. Section 2 is parked on a paved driveway. Section 3 is parked at a church driveway. Section 4 is after crossing over interstate 95 at the first hill as you come over. They heavily target Eastbound lane traffic from end to end of emporia. Someone is always pulled over.

Hwy 58 Emporia

Emporia, VirginiaMay 24, 20180 Comments

I got pulled over by two officers in two separate police cruisers on 5/14/18 around noon. They said I was doing 57 in a 55 mph speed zone and asked to see my license and registration, and asked if I was in the military. I replied saying no and said that I was a legal assistant who worked for the Montgomery County Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney. As I said this the other officer looked in my vehicle and realized that I had three dash cameras live and recording in my car (one on the front dash cam recording the front of my car, one in rear recording behind my car, and one facing the driver seat which actually could see what my speed odometer reads). I noticed that the officer viewing into my car backed away and perhaps signaled the other officer who was talking to me to dismiss the pullover because about 2 minutes later, he gave me my stuff back and said rudely “please drive safely.” As of this incident, I have submitted everything to my bosses and we will further investigate this incident as well as many others.

Route 301anywhere in city limits

Emporia, VirginiaSep 27, 20160 Comments

Watch your speed especially on route 301 the speed limit drops from 55 to 35mph, and ones you past slagles lake road they are sitting everywhere and don’t do no more than 5 over, because they will write you a ticket for 6 mph or more over, I haven’t gotten a ticket, but I see people pulled over here everyday of the week.

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