I-380 Near J Ave, NB and SB

Cedar Rapids, IowaJul 07, 20201 Comments

March 2020 report from their site. This is not a promotion. $7.2 million dollars in 8 months!
NB I‐380 Diagonal Dr SW, number of citations 1,666
NB I‐380 J Ave NE, number of citations 6,647
SB I‐380 1st Ave SW, number of citations 142
SB I‐380 J Ave NE, number of citations 6,465

As you can see the J Ave has around 6.5k citations and the other two have a ton less. This shows how bad this area is for changing speed limits. Horrible practice. From July 2019 till this report in March 2020 they made $7,242,270.17.

Yes, this is a speed trap, but primarily to the extent that an Interstate traveler (like me) or any visitor, doesn't necessarily know that Rapid City employs speed cameras. What a convenient placement: the only Interstate in town! I just checked Google Maps and sure enough, NB there's a standard b&w speed limit sign at least a half-mile earlier for 55 mph (or at least there was in 2019) after miles and miles of 65, with a smaller sign below that says Photo Enforced. Miss that little sign and the driver is a sitting and driving duck. The Cedar Rapids website says that the photos are for safety, but of course this part of the road is a big money maker. If the good people of Cedar Rapids REALLY wanted more safe driving they could put a large hard-to-miss billboard at the city limits on both NB and SB I-380 that says something like "Welcome to friendly Cedar Rapids. Please drive safely and note that our speed limits are photo enforced." Will likely make less money but hopefully gain even more compliance AND more friends.
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