Cedar Rapids, Iowa Speed Traps

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I-380 Northbound J

Cedar Rapids, IowaFeb 20, 20170 Comments

I was driving through and am out of state. 69 in 55 which I KNOW I was not doing. I’ve been doing research which led me to this website. I have been calling the attorney general’s office and been getting the runaround. Something fishy is going on. If you want to contest it why do you send a to a PO box in Beverly, MA? I’ll tell you why, it’s because Gatso, the Camera manufacturer, has an office there.

1380 at Nb and SB J Avenue

Cedar Rapids, IowaDec 08, 20160 Comments

Here is a new twist!!!! I received 5 (count them FIVE) speeding tickets at this section of J Avenue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa while driving a rental car in Wisconsin!! You read that correctly!!! I rented a car from Dollar Rental at the Milwaukee airport for 10 days and NEVER left the state of Wisconsin and yet, low and behold, a month later I began receiving bills for speeding violations in Cedar Rapids. There were 5 of them which were $105 each! Each one was signed by a different cop. The odd thing was the car in the photo was not the one we rented! Ours was red– the picture showed a white vehicle. It is hard to imagine where the crooks are–in the police station? At the auto rental? Still fighting it and am disputing it with my credit card company since two of the five charges landed on my credit card! Beware!!

I380 NB @ J Avenue

Cedar Rapids, IowaSep 11, 20160 Comments

Just noticed an $85 charge on my credit card for rental with Alamo 3 months ago. Thought Alamo was pulling a fraud charge. Turns out that Cedar Rapids has a speed camera that nails EVERYBODY going though the area. Never heard of this before. Is this legal? It feels like a money scam by the city. The fact is everyone does this kind of speed on that road. Is the posted speed of that road artificially low just to work with the speed camera? How do you challenge the camera in court? Certainly changes my view of Cedar Rapids. Likely to avoid that city like the plague in the future. Someone should take the city to court over this scam.

I380 NB @ J Avenue

Cedar Rapids, IowaAug 24, 20161 Comments

Same as everyone else here. Got a speeding ticket for going at 67 mph in a 55. I know how many cameras there are around Cedar Rapids so I’m really careful when I drive around there. I was really surprised. Speed trap 100%.

I380 NB @ J Avenue

Cedar Rapids, IowaMar 21, 20161 Comments

I was northbound on this route and was ticketed. Near J Avenue.The speed limit signs are poorly placed and you are sure to be ticketed. Needless to say, I don’t go thru Cedar Rapids anymore. With their unfair ticketing they will never see a gallon of gas, a meal bought or a night spent near there. I would advise all traveling to MPLS/SP to take an alternate route.

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