In The City of Glen Rose

Glen Rose, TexasJul 06, 20113 Comments

Looks like they are trying to compete with Granburys speed traps! The little city cop is running away tourist in the city. Try to be a friendly small town and he is pretending to be a big time highway patrol. Do you know his past? WOW! What a joke! Avoid Glen Rose and State Highway 67 at all cost!

The remedy to this is to NOT speed. A trap is where you are tricked into being in violation of the speed limit. I've been in Glen Rose many times, the speeds are posted and are really reasonable for a city that size. Slow down, he'll leave you alone.
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While this may not legally qualify as a speed trap, there is no intent here to improve public safety. The sole purpose is to generate income. While I agree that the best solution is not to speed, I do believe it is very easy to believe you are within the speed limit leaving town given the way the signs are posted. It is clear the police are aware of this and take extreme advantage. Hwy 67 heading West out of Glen Rose goes from 45 to 55 to 70 in less than a 1/2 mile all while going down hill around a curve. I drive though this area very frequently and see the same cop in the same spot right where it changes from 45 to 55 as you come around the curve heading West. You WILL get a ticket for 10 miles over no matter if you are 1 or 10 miles over. I received a single ticket for exactly 10 miles over (55 in a 45) a while back and accept that I was speeding. I drive through Glen Rose at least 2 times a week. Before the ticket I always stopped at the Valero station for diesel and the Sonic for food spending about $100 for each fill up. Now I wait and get fuel and food in Hico.
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coming out of,Glen Rose toward Cleburne, just pass the last signal light on the outside of town there is a sign with a speed limit of 65, about four hundred yards futher a city police was on the side of the road, we was passed by a gray chevy just about the time we got to the officer, about a half a mile futher we was stopped by the office, he was very polite frienly,courteous , ask my son if he was in a hurry to get to where he was going,my son told him that he was not in a hurry that he was just driving sixty, the office told him that the speed limit was fifty where we was that it change to sixtyfive three hundred yards up the road.There was no speed limit sign three hundred yards or three miles up the highwy.My wife and I check the speed signs on the way back and I check again a few days later the only sign I could find pass that signal light said sixtyfive. You can't pay a honest law officer for what he does, but anything you pay a dishonest officer is to much.
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