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Starke, FloridaApr 19, 20121 Comments

Near a school zone…..traffic was flowing @ 30 – 40 mph..lots of big trucks..flahing school zone light…impossible to see with all the trucks…no school in progress..ticketed for 20 over..spped is reduced in that area to 20mph..$400 ticket..and 2 other cars got it while we sat waiting on our ticket..Sad to know that’s the only way that town can generate money and yes all of us out of state…Do not buy or shop in that town while passing thru..they have enough of the vacationer’s $$

We were driving through Starke, Florida at 8:00 am and saw the sign warning of a speed trap ahead, we watched carefully making sure we drove the speed limit but missed the flashing light indicating a school zone and got a ticket for 391.00 for going 36 mph in a 20 mph zone. We were informed by the officer that we missed the sign indicating the speed limit so I assume there was only one sign. There were quite a few trucks driving through as well and since we were watching so carefully I can only assume a truck may have blocked our view of the light. I would be devastated if we ever hit a child and in my opinion if Starke is really concerned about the safety of their children and not operating a money grab they would give more warning before out of state drivers drive through their school zones.
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