Starke, Florida Speed Traps

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West of Starke near the bypass

Starke, FloridaJul 31, 20230 Comments

There were three officers strategically placed on 100 waiting osprey. Two were located in Seven Day Adventist church. Then there were two at the retention pond on the west side of the bypass. IT is definitely a speed trap!

School zone in Starke

Starke, FloridaOct 10, 20180 Comments

Upon entering Starke I knew that this town was a notorious speed trap. I was watching the speed limit signs and slowed down accordingly whenever the speed limit was reduced. I was surrounded with other drivers who were also carefully obeying the speed limit signs. As I left town I was pulled over by a police cruiser while going the posted speed limit. When I asked the officer why he had pulled me over, he claimed that I had gone through a Starke school zone at 45mph and quoted a $565 fine. I told him that there were no flashing lights and all the other traffic was going the same speed as I was going which was the posted speed limit. The officer then offered to only write me up for going 35 mph in a school zone which would reduce the fine to $335. My wife told me to hush up as I was growing frustrated with this situation. This town is morally bankrupt and has to make up traffic tickets to raise revenue. Having served on the school board in my local township for 12 years, I know a school zone and the flashing lights/reduced speed limits. This was clearly a corrupt set up for an unsuspecting out of state driver (PA license plate). My advice is to stay away from Starke as they have to resort to schemes such as this one to raise money. This happened 6 years ago.

945 north temple ave

Starke, FloridaMay 11, 20180 Comments

Was 65mph. It changed to 45mph after the curve I guess because I was pulled over BEFORE the 45mph sign. But I was already slowing down. The speed change is ridiculous because there’s no way I can safely show down from 65mph to 45mph in the span of a o.3 mile curve! It’s a dirty speed trap! I was going to dispute it but it’s a known fact that this town and road is designed to create dirty speed traps and the court will just fine you if you try to dispute it!

Inside city limits

Starke, FloridaApr 19, 20121 Comments

Near a school zone…..traffic was flowing @ 30 – 40 mph..lots of big trucks..flahing school zone light…impossible to see with all the trucks…no school in progress..ticketed for 20 over..spped is reduced in that area to 20mph..$400 ticket..and 2 other cars got it while we sat waiting on our ticket..Sad to know that’s the only way that town can generate money and yes all of us out of state…Do not buy or shop in that town while passing thru..they have enough of the vacationer’s $$

US 301 & CR 18

Starke, FloridaAug 30, 20106 Comments

Speed limit is 65 mph on this section of US 301- then changes with no warning to 55 mph for only 2/10 of a mile around this intersection (0.1 mile on each side of the traffic light). If you have the green light on 301 (and most people do), and you miss the single sign saying 55 mph, you have a ticket. It is clearly meant to generate income for the city of Starke, though it should be illegal to have a speed limit change for only 0.2 of a mile. You are driving along at 65mph thinking you are doing the right thing … police seem to love catching law-abiding citizens making a 10 second mistake.

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