Intersection area of Rts.2,4 and 102. Many areas to hide.

North Kingstown, Rhode IslandNov 30, 20101 Comments

Local and State Police can hide in a number of parking lots and other areas,especially where the Dunkin Donuts and nearby “ride&park areas are. Before the intersection,is a shopping mall with a Walmart(on the right side as you are going East) and there are a number of areas police can hide there. This is heavy traffic area because of all three routes coming together in this area. I have had two “warnings” by local police and a ticket from a “trooper”. The speed limit about a half mile up the road is 40 mph but quickly drops to 35 mph as you approach the intersection from the west. The whole area around the intersection always seems to have police there,especially at night which is when I was stopped in each occasion as I was going home after work.

It's not really a Speed Trap per se, it's just a very central location with a lot of traffic and overlap between the NK police and the State police patrolling the same area. They are a constant presence in the area, the DnD & Starbucks doesn't help, but if you have a decent radar detector you'll pick them up early enough. NK runs radar prety much 100%, staties it's 50/50 if they'll have it on or just be looking for the lunatic speeders. PS: I drive thru that area a minimum of 3 times a day M-F and have never been stopped in that general area.
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