North Kingstown, Rhode Island Speed Traps

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1325 Tower Hill Road US-1 North

North Kingstown, Rhode IslandJan 30, 20140 Comments

Traveling northbound on Tower Hill Road Rt-1 the speed limit is 50mph. There is a short stretch of road that curves at the Rt-4 and Rt-1 split where the speed limit drops to 35 mph. Just before that stretch of road there is a slight hill, and there is a speed limit sign below the hill. You don’t notice the speed limit sign until you are at the top of that hill, and it is difficult to spot even if going the speed limit. A police cruiser will usually park in the median just before the split and will radar traffic coming over the hill.

This is treacherous because unlike the Southbound side of Rt-1 which has a perfectly visible 35mph speed limit sign, you cannot see the sign on the Northbound side until you are at the top of the hill.

Intersection area of Rts.2,4 and 102. Many areas to hide.

North Kingstown, Rhode IslandNov 30, 20101 Comments

Local and State Police can hide in a number of parking lots and other areas,especially where the Dunkin Donuts and nearby “ride&park areas are. Before the intersection,is a shopping mall with a Walmart(on the right side as you are going East) and there are a number of areas police can hide there. This is heavy traffic area because of all three routes coming together in this area. I have had two “warnings” by local police and a ticket from a “trooper”. The speed limit about a half mile up the road is 40 mph but quickly drops to 35 mph as you approach the intersection from the west. The whole area around the intersection always seems to have police there,especially at night which is when I was stopped in each occasion as I was going home after work.

Devil’s Foot Road,near a church&across from ramp to Rt.403

North Kingstown, Rhode IslandNov 30, 20101 Comments

As you drive South on Davisville Road,you approach the School Street Bridge. After crossing the bridge,you are now on Devil’s Foot Road and you can see the ramp up to Route 403,a church(used to be the Greenwood Baptist Church)and the parking lot area to the left. The lot goes far back into the woods on the left and a NK police office always seems to be there except when the church has activities going on. When you drive,North on Devil’s Foot Road,you cannot see him because of the woods on the right side and only can "spot" him if you stop and look to the right "way back" near the woods. He always seems to be there more at night and appears to be watching the heavy traffic going North from the Electric Boat in Quonset. "This is a very hard area to see at night because the woods hide this area despite the street lights"?? When you drive by(going South)he can see you from "behind" and by then it is too late for someone to slow down?

Junction of Route 1 & 4

North Kingstown, Rhode IslandMay 10, 20101 Comments

Heading north on Rt. 1 Tower Hill Rd, pass the Y intersection with traffic light where Rt. 4 splits off to the left. Immediately after the split on 30 MPH Post Rd, a utility van with the rear doors open is parked on the right 3-4 houses in. The van is angled and blocks the parked police car. Two policeman are hiding in the street in front of the van using LASER handheld devices.

The New Jersey Turnpike State Police used radar through the side window of an old van parked on an overpass. The chase cars are out of sight beyond the overpass. CAUTION with any single van on an overpass not in traffic or parked.

Quidnessett Road near Across from Bird Sanctuary

North Kingstown, Rhode IslandMar 28, 20080 Comments

There are Multiple traps on this road. But this is the larger of the operations on the road. I’m not sure as to when they do it, but eventually during the year (about 3 times) they’ll have an officer Stand there with a radar gun, and an ATV with an officer pulls out in front of you down the road. It’s some kind of operation, I don’t know what it’s called. But it’s a Pain. This is besides your normal cruiser sitting there, which they frequently do. Either side-by-side or solo. So watch it as you either come up the hill past the pond or come from the other way past Tockwotton Farm.


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