Interstate 10

Phoenix, ArizonaSep 18, 20040 Comments

I mark unknown only because pacing isn’t listed–Arizona’s DPS has to be the most reckless bunch of speed-trappers out there. I was driving home from ASU just the other night and saw a car coming up insanely fast on my tail. Since I was already in the far right lane, I just let him keep coming. The car rode literally rode my bumper for about 100 yards, couldn’t have been more than half a car length behind me, then swerved out into the lane next to me and gunned it. I figured it was just a drunk, then I saw the DPS logos. Sure enough, a mile later that same officer had pulled someone over. I guess the Arizona DPS has sunk to Florida Hghway Patrol methods of intimidating you to speed, then writing you up for it.

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