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Social Circle, GeorgiaDec 21, 20094 Comments

Most people don’t know that Social Circle city limits extend across Interstate 20.
They have a new tactic. There is a new law in Ga. that you have to get over in the left lane if an officer is present for the safety of the officer. The Social Circle police like to sit on I-20 and hand out $700.00 tickets for this new law. It happened to my wife’s elderly aunt and several others the day she went to court. The judge didn’t want to listen to any one just handed out $700.00 fines one after the other.

the move over law was put into place on july 1, 2003 so it is really not a NEW law. This law was passed to protect the public safety officers who are enforceing the state laws. the stae code section for this law is O.C.G.A. section 40-6-16 for those who would like to learn more about this law. this law applies to ALL emergency vehicles that are displaying flashing blue, red, white, yellow or amber lights.. please educate yourself before jumping on this band wagon.
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Don't let the name fool you, yes this small town is certainly a place to avoid, as for speed traps all I can say that while I was employed there they were planning a police dept and the main discussion was the revenue. They were paying the county for police coverage and the city manager said we could be making money instead of paying the county.
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Social circle like many small towns has been turned into a speed trap for revenue. They will still pull you over for anything no matter how smal and ticket you if possible. Their tick fees are also at max. I try to avoid Social Circle and they do sit on the interstate like a bunch of vultures.
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The PD is a small agency. Calls for service do not allow "vulture" sitting any where. A portion of I-20 is in the city, but most of the tickets written for speeding are on one of the main streets (Hightower Trail), which passes by an elementary school, a library, a museum, and the high school/middle school complex. The PD receives numerous complaints and concerns from citizens for the safety of children and other citizens that live, walk, exercise, etc., in the area. If you believe that there is speed trap, file a complaint with the Georgia State Patrol so that they can conduct an audit/investigation of your concerns. Speed limits are set by the Georgia Department of Transportation, not the local governments or the local public safety agencies. Of course, it is probably easier to type a nasty gram about community and it police department rather than actually do something constructive. If you had slowed down after coming off the interstate, you would not have gotten a ticket. The move over law predates the creation of the PD. If you are to operate a vehicle on the state highways and streets, YOU are responsible for knowing and complying with the applicable statutes.
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